Automatica 2018 – See what’s new!

After winning the Automation category of Startup World at Automatica 2016, Terabee returns this year with a whole new sensor family and leaner ways for robots and machinery to sense, monitor and navigate in their environment, or work in greater harmony with the people around them.
laser distance measurement sensor

Two years ago, it was the TeraRanger brand of 2D and 3D distance sensors that created so much attention at Automatica for the new ways in which they enabled robot navigation and collision avoidance based on multi-axis, solid-state LiDAR. Max Ruffo, Terabee CEO remembers, “After Automatica 2016, we witnessed an incredible interest in our technology and increase in orders. More than ever, at that moment, it was clear to us that Terabee addresses an evident gap in the market for smaller, lighter-weight and lower-cost distance and ranging sensors.”

Since then Terabee has released 5 new products, including its new generation sensing platform, TeraRanger Evo. Max continues, “With the Evo distance sensor, we created a unique design that separates the optical sensor from the power and communication functions. This has allowed us to create multiple versions of the sensor and to adopt a Lego-like approach where the user can easily build arrays of sensors to create selective point-clouds. In time, more Evo sensors will be launched, each with different performance attributes, allowing customers to choose, and even mix n’ match, the sensors best suited to meet their application demands.

All this supports a concept we call, ‘Lean Sensing’. Lean sensing challenges the preconception that the more data you gather the more robust your systems will be, and instead advocates collection of only the data you really need and not more. By reducing complexity you can reduce potential failure modes and implement computationally lighter systems. We’ll be showcasing our sensors and our ‘lean sensing’ concept on booth 128C, Hall 5. Come along to discover what’s new and how we can help solve your sensing and perception needs.
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