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Bidirectional people traffic measurement with Evo Swipe Plus

The ability to measure pedestrian activity with a bidirectional people traffic counter has numerous applications across a range of sectors including retail, hospitality and events, to name but a few.
bidirectional traffic counting

French based company Terabee, specialists in innovative sensor modules and sensor-based solutions, is excited to launch a new and discreet sensor into this expanding market. The Evo Swipe Plus delivers a low cost sensor solution for system integrators wanting to integrate bidirectional data relating to pedestrian activity into their software solutions and services.

Passing People Counting

Introducing the Evo Swipe Plus

Evo Swipe Plus is an all-in-one, multi-mode sensor for people detection and interaction with digital assets. One of those modes – ‘bidirectional presence detection’ – makes it ideal for monitoring and tracking pedestrian activity. Small and discreet, the sensor offers vertical and horizontal mounting options, and with a 1.7m detection range, it delivers an optimal solution for measuring people flow in corridors and standard door entrances.

Not only does the sensor register the number of people who have passed by, but importantly, also their direction of travel. This extra insight into direction of flow extends the Evo Swipe Plus’s applications beyond people counting measures, as it also allows an understanding of how people flow within and around a space.

Furthermore, because the Evo Swipe Plus is based on Time-of-Flight technology, personal privacy is protected and therefore the technology is GDPR compliant by design.


Monitoring access and flow

Understanding visitor traffic at a location can add tremendous value to managers and operators. With live and historic people traffic flow data from the Evo Swipe Plus insight can be gained into which entrances and exits are being utilised, which spaces and areas have the most footfall and what direction people are travelling in. Optimising people traffic and flow within a space can help lead to more streamlined operations, faster and smarter business decisions and improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Retail analytics

Understanding the effectiveness of retail marketing campaigns or the popularity and success of point of sale displays and digital kiosks, is notoriously hard to quantify. With a bidirectional people traffic counter, retailers can gain a better insight into customer behaviour around their in-store marketing campaigns, and as a result, optimise their effectiveness and reach.

Retailers can also use the Evo Swipe Plus to maximise the flow and design of a store by tweaking and refining the store layout according to accurate data on customer behaviour. Where a store is part of a larger chain or franchise, any improvements made to a store layout can then be deployed across all stores to maximise sales and profits.

Staff deployment

Deploying the optimum number of staff, whether it’s at an event, within a retail environment or a recreational environment such as a gallery or museum, requires a fine balance. Under-staffing leads to queues and customers dissatisfaction. It is also a common cause of employee discontent. Understanding traffic flow within a space at particular times of the day, enables managers to deploy the appropriate number of staff or security personnel in the appropriate areas, and at the appropriate time. This reduces the costly overhead of over-staffing and improves customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Easy integration

For systems integrators looking for a discreet and GDPR compliant sensor to integrate into their software platform, the Evo Swipe Plus offers incredible value for money.

Discover the Evo Swipe Plus – download our people traffic counting  data sheet. Or get in touch to find out more.

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