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Build your knowledge of new LoRaWAN footfall counting technology

Calling building and facility managers, commercial real estate specialists and systems integrators. Do you want to discover more about LoRaWAN technology and how LoRa-enabled devices can make footfall counting solutions more accessible for smart buildings and smart offices?
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Join this upcoming technology insights webinar, to be held on 29 September, 2022. Expand your knowledge and have the opportunity to have your questions answered by experts.

Webinar “An introduction to People Counting with LoRaWAN® technology”

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The ability to count, track and record the paths of people as they enter and exit is now an imperative for facility and business owners to make data-driven decisions.

The webinar, hosted by Terabee technical experts, will address:

  • LoRa dynamics in the 2022 IoT landscape
  • How LoRaWAN is becoming one of the major IoT technologies available on the market and how it eases device integration and data transmissions for people counting systems
  • The opportunity that LoRaWAN brings in occupancy monitoring and smart buildings

During the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions to Terabee experts, in a short Q&A session.

Webinar details

Title: An introduction to People Counting with LoRaWAN® technology
Date: Thursday, 29 September, 2022
Time: 3pm CEST
Registration: here

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