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Couldn't attend the live sessions on Terabee people flow counting and occupancy counting technologies? Don't worry! You can now revisit the entire Terabee WebinarGeek channel at your convenience.

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Learn about the latest technologies in Smart Buildings sensors, including Time-of-Flight (ToF) for indoor people flow counting, and infrared thermal imaging for people occupancy counting.

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Terabee People Counting L Xl 5 V Power Supply No Bg

Tutorial video: Power supply for Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL LoRa

This video explores the importance of using the correct power supply to ensure optimal performance of the Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL, LoRa model.

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Installation guide: Recess mounting for People Flow Counting L-XL

This tutorial simplifies the installation process of the Recess Mounting Kit XL for your People Flow Counting L-XL device, which fits easily into suspended ceilings

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smart building

Installation guide: Mounting the People Flow Counting L-XL above a swing door

Learn everything from unboxing to securely installing your People Flow Counting L-XL device above a swing door once you have decided where the device will be installed

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Transforming smart buildings with People Counting technology

Unlock the potential of Smart Buildings with this webinar exploring ToF people counting sensors. Discover how they revolutionise building management and optimise everything from energy use to occupant comfort.

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Smart Buildings 540 X 273
silo level measurement

Introduction to Time-of-Flight sensing

Demystify the core principles of ToF technology and how it empowers you to gather real-time data for various applications.

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Introduction to People Counting with LoRaWAN technology

Discover how LoRaWAN simplifies the integration of People Counting solutions in Smart Buildings

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Occupancy counting LoRa
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