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Custom designed gesture recognition applications

Gesture recognition is changing our relationship with technical devices. Classified as a type of contactless interface or touchless user interface (TUI), it is opening the doors to a whole new world of input possibilities.
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Terabee’s recently launched time-of-flight sensor, Evo 64px, offers incredible potential for gesture recognition applications and projects. Developed for indoor use, this small sensor is easy to use and integrate, making it ideal for contactless user interface applications.
Our engineers have been experimenting with the technology to discover and demonstrate how it can be used to create interactive screens and devices.
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Introducing gesture recognition

With gesture recognition, an input or command is performed without directly touching or making contact with the device. A sensor responds to a movement or a specific gesture, and then executes the appropriate command. The technology has been around for a few years now. Automotive manufacturers are already using it in some cars to allow drivers to control music volume and to answer telephone calls without the distraction of having to physically touch a button or screen.

So what other benefits does gesture recognition technology offer? For starters, because there’s no physical contact, there’s no wear and tear of the device or its components. This makes it a great application for dirty or hazardous environments, where it’s preferable or safer, not to touch a screen or device. Other applications where it is being introduced include motion and gesture-based advertising, virtual gaming and for control of IOT devices.

Terabee’s 3D gesture recognition technology

The scope for using Terabee’s time-of-flight multi-pixel sensor, the TeraRanger 64px, in gesture recognition applications is tremendous. We’re extremely excited about the scope of its potential and our in-house engineers have been testing it to understand and start to demonstrate its capabilities. As you will see from the video, as part of those tests, we have developed a custom firmware and software that enables a presenter to interact and control his presentation through simple hand gestures.

Evo 64px is a multi-pixel depth sensor with a 15 degree Field of View, accurately recognizing hand movements within a 40cm to 1m range. Rather than laser, it uses eye-safe infrared Light Emitting Diodes to generate depth data and to detect movement and gestures. Giving integrators the flexibility to implement the sensor in a wide range of scenarios.
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For our demo, our engineers created a new software algorithm that detects our chosen hand gestures and then executes the appropriate command on the computer.

Controlling a presentation through hand gestures is a relatively simple application, but our technology has the potential to turn any screen into an interactive screen. With higher depth resolution sensors such as, Terabee 3Dcam 80x60, our engineers can custom build intuitive Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and contactless controls that use a full range of gestures, from up and down and left and right for movement, to forwards and backwards for depth control. Pinching and zooming movements can also be applied.

The question is, what will you use the technology for?

Capitalize on our deep knowledge of multiple sensor technologies, our wealth of creative thinking and our technical innovation, to help advance your applications. Let us custom design a sensing solution and bring your requirements to life.

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