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Doorway counting with Evo 64px on a standard door

How to develop Smart Building applications with Terabee doorway counting technology
Doorway People Counting

Customers often ask us if our sensor modules can be used to monitor room or building occupancy remotely. This is possible by installing a doorway counting device that can count how many people entered the space and how many leave, in real time.

For standard door sizes, we recommend using TeraRanger Evo 64px to monitor and count the flow of people in an indoor space. This works well for standard sized doors, typically 80cm wide and 2m tall (2'6” by 6'6”).

We wrote a doorway counting algorithm as a proof of concept when developing the product. If you purchase a TeraRanger Evo 64px, you could either write your own algorithm or engage in a project with us to build on our doorway counter technology and accelerate your application development.

We placed a sensor on top of each entry point in order to calculate the number of people entering or leaving. We also detect people passing in front of the door but not passing through it and ensure that they are not included in the count.

For doorway counting, we fixed the sensors update rate to 30 frames per second, which we found to be ideal for identifying even the fastest moving people. As long as they pass through the sensors 15° Field of View, we get a count on them.

For larger doors, we also conduct people counting with Terabee 3Dcam 80x60 where its 92° diagonal Field of View and a higher resolution allow it to cover wider doors and entrances and reliably count dense and fast-moving people movements in more complex scenarios.

Advantages of Terabee's doorway counter devices over other sensor modules

Evo 64px is a compact and lightweight multi-pixel Time-of-Flight sensor, developed for indoor use.
It outputs a matrix of 8x8 high-speed distance readings over a 15 degree Field of View, with a maximum range of up to 5 meters.
Door People Counter

Optical depth ToF technology is ideal for indoor applications and can even operate in low light and complete darkness. Our sensors use infrared doorway counting LED which makes them eye safe in all conditions, unlike laser devices.

As seen on the video, the sensor's matrix output makes it impossible to recognize faces or specific silhouettes, protecting user privacy at all times.

Time-of-Flight depth sensing applications

TeraRanger Evo 64px can be used for a variety of Smart Building applications, including:

- Presence and proximity detection
- Motion tracking
- People and object counting
- Gesture recognition

If you have a specific application in mind, even if it is not listed here, please contact us so that we may discuss your requirements and help you achieve the desired result.

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