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Guide to People Counting Technology: Applications & Benefits

Space is a universally important asset; one that is typically at a premium in commercial and industrial spaces. Understanding how to make the most of available floor space by adjusting layouts, thoroughfares, production lines, and so on, is key to maximizing the potential of brick-and-mortar settings.
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People counting and footfall monitoring are central to this endeavor, providing real-time insights into how available space is used by employees and customers. These data can then be used to make actionable decisions on space optimization.

Modern people counting technologies innovate the workspace optimization process by enabling previously unprecedented levels of detail and data reliability. Terabee People Counting L is one of the latest entries into this increasingly competitive market. With a focus on accuracy and personal privacy, our unique people counting system is suitable for a range of application areas.
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Introducing Key People Counting Technologies

In this article, we will outline some of the most common people counting applications alongside the benefits of monitoring footfall. Firstly, let us briefly explore some common people counters in use today.

Digital people counters are still an emergent technology, but CCTV (closed-circuit television) recording has been used to monitor footfall in commercial and retail spaces for years. It is primarily a security solution that cannot automate the people counting process, meaning it is labor-intensive and inefficient. Stereo vision resolves many of these issues from an efficiency standpoint, but it cannot monitor footfall without capturing recognizable visual information. This raises personal privacy concerns that may infringe regional regulations (i.e. GDPR). WIFI counting is likewise raising privacy concerns since it tracks users’ handheld devices. It is also prone to low counting accuracy.

People counting with infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth sensors offer the best-in-class accuracy with total compliance to privacy-related regulations for indoor environments. Throughout this article, we will mainly be addressing the applications and benefits of this cutting-edge people counting technology. If you would like a broader view of the people counters used in space optimization, check our article:

People Counting L from Terabee

Terabee recently announced the pioneering Terabee People Counting L, a completely unique product designed to satisfy the needs of users across a broad spectrum of industries. Based on a tried-and-tested 3D depth sensor using infrared ToF technology, People Counting L is a convenient and accurate solution that allows operators to view and retrieve real-time and historical data directly and with ease.

If you would like more information, from People Counting L prices to specifications, simply contact a member of the Terabee team using the link below.
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