Heidi.News on the Proximeter: Terabee in the media

Heidi.news Article Proximeter 2

Covid-19's impact on technology in the workplace

Swiss news platform Heidi.News has written about the Terabee Proximeter in an article that examines the use of technology in the workplace, in regards to Covid-19 mitigation programs.

Here’s an excerpt of the Heidi.News article:
“What we’re talking about. As Heidi.news wrote on April 27, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced late last year the deployment of Proximeter, a technology developed in partnership with French start-up Terabee. This device is a small blue individual box whose objective is to enforce interpersonal distance while facilitating the tracing of contacts in case of coronavirus infection. Operating by radio frequency, the device signals to its wearer, in the form of a vibration and/or a sound, that he is near another device.

At Terabee, which uses its own technology on its premises, the engagement distance is set to 1.5 meters and the duration from which the device registers a contact to 30 seconds. These parameters can be modified, just as it is possible to remove the sound and/or the vibrations.”

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