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Introducing People Counting Device Management Services

Companies use People Counting solutions to track their building’s room occupancy, occupancy trends and to improve customer experience, and Device Management Services to optimize performance and reduce downtime.
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When people counting or occupancy monitoring systems are installed, you can make efficiency gains when you have a technical partner who helps keep the technology working as it should.

Enjoy access to a full set of services

Terabee’s People Counting Services offer a flexible menu of professional support that you can tailor to suit your People Counting project. If you are a Systems Integrator or a Service Provider, you can have support from the design of your solution to the commissioning and ongoing maintenance. You are only one call away from optimizing your People Counting solutions and enhancing your customers’ satisfaction.

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Gain from Device Management Services

Terabee People Counting Device Management Services allow you to save time on troubleshooting and keep your device in an optimized state, thanks to our experts’ ongoing support.

Terabee People Counting Device Management Services include:

  • Fast, accurate troubleshooting and diagnosis of malfunctions
  • Collection and update of all device settings to assess and resolve issues relating to an existing customer support ticket
  • Software and Hardware device reboots
  • Firmware upgrades


Terabee assures you access to experienced, knowledgeable experts to help you optimize the efficiency of your People Counting and occupancy monitoring solutions and help you maintain them in a maximum uptime state. Tap into the knowledge and support of our experts at any stage of your project.

Like to know more?

Get in touch today with our experts to find out more about Terabee People Counting Device Management Services.

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