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Introducing the People Counting IoT Platform

Having the support of People Counting Services can ensure that you, as a Systems Integrator or a Service Provider, benefit from the deep technical knowledge of experts as part of your People Counting project. A service partner who provides a People Counting IoT platform will give you the tools to successfully manage the data the project generates.
People Counting IoT platform


The Terabee People Counting Internet of Things (IoT) platform is a cloud service that allows developers to provide applications, collect data from People Counting devices, analyze and store it. 

People Counting IoT platform

The Terabee People Counting IoT Platform, which is part of the People Counting Services offering, allows you to monitor people flow, room occupancy, visualize device status and connect with your systems through cloud-based APIs.

The Terabee People Counting IoT Platform brings you:

Room occupancy metrics so that you can:

  • Model the work environment with buildings, floors and rooms. Assign devices to these spaces
  • Set up devices in “room occupancy” or “people flow” counting mode
  • Visualize people counting data in a graphical format, can export as CSV files

People Counting device information that lets you:

  • Visualize device alerts when connecting on the platform
  • Access list of devices
  • Visualize allocated building spaces and status: “active” or “silent” with date of last communication

Cloud-based APIs for:

  • Data integration into a third-party IT platform thanks to the availability of a library of cloud-based APIs

Rich data platform connection through cloud-based APIs

Connecting your system to the Terabee People Counting IoT platform enables you to get valuable information on building occupancy and footfall counting. You can use the data from the Terabee IoT platform and integrate it into your own system. Terabee’s experts are here to help you enjoy a seamless experience while using our IoT platform.

Terabee People Counting Services allow you to benefit from our experts’ knowledge and experience throughout your people counting project. From commissioning, provisioning to deployment and ongoing maintenance a Terabee expert can be there to help you at every stage of your people counting project.

People Counting IoT platform

Would you like to know more?

Talk to our experts to know more about our People Counting Services offerings and especially the People Counting IoT platform.

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Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL

GDPR compliant people counting device. Optimize value and reduce costs from your retail operation, smart building or office space
Using advanced Time-of-Flight technology, Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL is GDPR compliant and provides accurate people counting data (98% accuracy or more) by monitoring the number of people entering and exiting doorways or corridors.

Easy to configure and install on high ceilings, the Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL fits any kind of wide indoor entrance, up to 15 meters in a multi-device setup. Our people counting algorithm is capable of filtering out static objects and counting multiple people passing in both directions below the device as they enter or leave a space.

The solution consists of an IoT people counting device and an optional IoT platform. Two product variations allow transmission of the data via Power over Ethernet or LoRaWAN. Interested? Contact us.

Terabee People Flow Counting M 2.0

Get real-time people counting data for single doorways and narrow corridors
Real-time data is the backbone of our modern, fast-paced world especially when it comes to monitoring space usage, occupancy, energy efficiency, security, building performance or tailored services. The Terabee People Flow Counting M 2.0 device is GDPR compliant by design, with a real-time data capability, providing seamless, accurate, and highly effective footfall measurement, at a competitive price.

Using Time-of-Flight technology, the People Flow Counting M 2.0 solution guarantees anonymity in its operations, prioritizing data privacy protection while offering robust, reliable occupancy monitoring.

People Flow Counting M 2.0 is the perfect addition to your Building Management System. The “smaller sibling” of People Flow Counting L-XL, People Flow Counting M 2.0 is designed for smaller doorways and narrow corridors. It comes in both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and LoRa models to best suit your needs.
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