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An introduction to People Counting Services

Today, People Counting support services provided by expert technical partners, can ease the installation and ongoing delivery of People Counting solutions. These People Counting Services may range from the design, installation of the people counting devices, through to ongoing maintenance and advice for data reporting of People Counting project.
People Counting Services

Dedicated, comprehensive People Counting services, delivered by experts can ensure that Systems Integrators, Service Providers and their customers are 100% satisfied with their people counting solution. It is important to choose a People Counting Service offering that meets your needs, with the scope of technology expertise that your project requires.

People Counting Services that are available from specialized technology companies can include design of the footfall counting or occupancy monitoring system to system commission, deployment of the system and ongoing maintenance. These People Counting Services will help to ensure that customers receive optimal satisfaction from the solution and the experience.

Terabee People Counting Services

People counting expertise at your service

Terabee’s new People Counting Services offering means that you can benefit from our deep knowledge of the technology, vast industry experience and the unparalleled expertise of our in-house team of technical support professionals – to guarantee your end user’s satisfaction.

The flexible menu of Terabee People Counting Services gives you the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and support of our team at any stage of a project.

The experts at Terabee People Counting Services are able to help to provision your People Counting devices before shipment, and deliver bespoke customer training. If you want to optimise your solution with Helpdesk technical/product support or remote diagnostics that service is also available. Terabee People Counting Services also incude integrating the Terabee Internet of Things platform with your systems.

Through Terabee People Counting Services, we are on-hand to provide professional assistance and ensure you enjoy a seamless experience.


The comprehensive suite of People Counting services for Systems Integrators and Solution Providers include:

  • Professional Services
  • Support and Maintenance Services
  • Device Management Services
  • IoT Platform
Terabee People Counting Services

Call on Terabee’s People Counting Services experts to help you at any stage of your People Counting project – from its design through to deployment and commissioning. Whether you require remote or in-person support, we are here to assist.


Get in touch today to find out more about our People Counting Services. Let us work beside you to deliver a seamless service to your customers and the optimal People Counting solution.

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