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A quick introduction to Time-of-Flight infrared people counters

Our Time-of-Flight infrared people counters emit invisible pulses of infrared light, then detect the pulse after they reflect off the environment and back to the sensor.
A quick intro to Time-of-Flight infrared people counters

Terabee Time-of-Flight infrared people counters use unique technology to accurately count the number of people entering and exiting a space.

By providing access to room occupancy data, our Time-of-Flight people counters offer unparalleled insight into how businesses and buildings are used. From freeing up unused space to automating heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems, infrared Time-of-Flight people counters enable companies of all sizes to make smarter decisions and reduce operating costs.

A quick intro to Time-of-Flight infrared people counters

How infrared Time-of-Flight people counters work

Terabee’s infrared Time-of-Flight people counters work by emitting invisible pulses of infrared light, then detecting the pulse after they reflect off the environment and back to the sensor. By measuring the time interval between the emitted and reflected pulse, our infrared Time-of-Flight people counters capture 3D depth information about their surroundings, enabling them to build up a 3D “image” of their surroundings. (1)

Our infrared Time-of-Flight people counters feature advanced onboard processing capable of filtering out static objects while identifying and tracking people passing through the sensor’s field-of-view. By crunching all the data onboard, Terabee infrared people counters Time-of-Flight output simple room occupancy data without further processing. Our infrared Time-of-Flight people counters work in low light conditions. They can reliably count people even in crowded areas with complex traffic flow.

Moreover, because our infrared Time-of-Flight people counters don’t capture any identifying information, they are intrinsically anonymous and GDPR-compliant by design.

Applications of Time-of-Flight sensors used for people counting

This technology can be applied to a variety of potential applications. (2) For example, the sensors can be used in smart offices for occupancy monitoring and for the optimization of space. In understanding the workplace and room usage within a building, users can optimize real estate assets and adapt them to best serve needs.

Furthermore, with data about the movement of people in a building, power systems such as HVAC and lighting can be turned on or off depending on whether an area is occupied. With this facility optimization, a company can save on energy consumption and cost. Through the easy integration of people counting sensors into software platforms, real-time, accurate data can be delivered to users. With this information, building owners and store managers can make informed decisions for their business regarding staff presence, capacity compliances and customer services.

Particularly, with 3D Time-of-Fight sensing, user anonymity is ensured, and the privacy of all people being counted is protected. Furthermore, the innovative technology is functional across a broad range of light and temperature conditions – achieving over 95% accuracy – making it widely applicable to various types of businesses and buildings. (2)

Door Counter Systems(3)

Time-of-Flight infrared people counters from Terabee

Terabee produces two different infrared Time-of-Flight people counters: the People Counting People Counting L-XL, and the People Counting M.


The People Counting L-XL device

The Terabee People Counting L-XL device is our flagship infrared Time-of-Flight people counter. (3)  Weighing just 220 g and measuring 130 mm in diameter, the People Counting L-XL device can be installed anywhere a smoke alarm would fit. Designed for maximum ease of use, the People Counting L-XL device can be configured from any web-enabled device and requires no specialist calibration to get going. Install, connect, and start gathering accurate room occupancy data with ease.

With a coverage area of 1.50 x 1.10 m, the People Counting L-XL infrared Time-of- Flight people counter can cover wide doorways straight out of the box. For extra-wide doors or entrance/exit areas, up to five People Counting L-XL units can be networked together, enabling comprehensive coverage in any application.


The People Counting M

The smaller sibling of the People Counting L-XL, the People Counting M, is an infrared Time-of-Flight people counter designed for tight spaces, narrow entrances, and single doorways. (4) 85 mm in diameter and just 32 mm high, the People Counting M is designed for applications where more expensive systems are cost-prohibitive.

This super-compact infrared Time-of-Flight people counter covers an area of 0.8 m x 0.8 m when installed at a height of 3 m.

If you’re considering installing a people counting system, our infrared Time-of-Flight people counters provide a low-cost solution with high reliability and accuracy. Get in touch with a member of the Terabee team today to find out more.


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