Leading robots into unknown environments

Within the ever diversified world of mobile robotics, there is a growing trend towards following humans around. From filming a single person to create an amazing scene to carrying payloads, such as autonomous golf caddies, follow-me applications are ever more popular for recreational and industrial purposes alike.
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Why guiding robots matters

Robotics navigation in complex indoor or outdoor environments is a key task for many new IoT and Industry 4.0 applications involving autonomous robots. It is also essential to provide simple and intuitive human-machine interactions. This helps to reduce machine costs and prevent operator related incidents.
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Applications for a human-following autonomous robot

Whether you are looking for a pack mule to help you move heavy tools or an autonomous caddie to carry your favorite clubs along the golf course, there are many reasons why you might want a robot to follow you.

In the fast-paced world of logistics and warehouses, you could have a robot follow a human operator as they pick from shelves. Maybe you want to get your AGV somewhere new, without programming or laying new markers. In all cases, closer human to robot collaboration is an advantage.

The biggest trends we have seen for ‘follow-me’ robots are in manufacturing where specialized parts and tools need to accompany operators throughout the workplace and in construction where materials and tools need to be moved.

How our Radiofrequency Positioning Kit works

Terabee chose to differentiate from the many available sensors technologies by offering an all-in-one kit comprised of 2 beacons to be installed on a robot and remote control for the human operator. When the button on the remote is pressed, the system calculates the distance and heading relative to the remote control. This enables the robot to be guided towards the operator, whilst maintaining a safe distance. The kit is based on our latest radiofrequency relative positioning system, which means fewer sensors, easier integration, and controlled costs when building your follow-me robot. Our previous article covers the system in more detail.
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Want to be one of the first to benefit from this new kit?

If you want to get your hands on our new radiofrequency relative positioning kit, please contact us to get notified when it will be available. We are now taking expressions of interest for the first production batch.

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Radio-frequency relative positioning system
Product no longer available
This hardware kit consists of two beacons (a master and a slave), to be installed on a mobile platform, and remote control for the human operator. The remote control is battery powered and when the operator wants to be located by the beacons, he simply presses a button on the remote to activate the system.

With the button pressed, the system uses trigonometry to calculate distances and headings between the remote and the center point between the two beacons. In the case of a mobile robot, this data can be used by the robots’ navigation system to map a trajectory from itself to the operator.
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