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Presence, proximity and distance sensing for Smart City

Small, fast and lightweight single-pixel and multi-pixel sensors for People or Vehicle Counting, Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart presence and many more smart city applications.
linear sensor array

Customizable Sensing for Smart City Technology

Terabee technology (branded TeraRanger) is a modular and flexible sensing platform delivering high performance at lower cost. Born for robotics, and now supporting smart city, our ‘technology bricks’ can be organized, optimized and industrialized to meet your specific needs.
light sensor array

Key Features

A simple Plug and Play approach to using multiple sensors on a single power and data hub makes it easy to set up custom sensor arrays for multi-axis, multi-sensor use, and gather a selective point cloud for your control system.

Single-pixel and multi-pixel (3D)
Plug and play simplicity – Use one sensor, or many Support for LoRA, SigFox, WiFi, Bluetooth…Embedded intelligence for custom data output Customizable; power supply, connectors, IP67 enclosures…

TeraRanger Advantages

TeraRanger smart city sensors are small and lightweight, but pack a powerful performance punch!

The maximum reading distance is up to 60 meters and for some sensors data update rates can be as high as 1000 readings per second. Typical weight of a sensor is just 8 to 12 grams.

By using active LED illumination TeraRanger sensors do not rely on external illumination and can operate in a broad range of conditions, including sunlight. Our LED technology remains eye-safe in all conditions, while still attaining long-range.

A simple Plug and Play approach to using multiple sensors on a single power and data hub makes it easy to setup sensor arrays for multi-axis and multi-sensor use.

TeraRanger sensing city technology is ideal for: sensing for smart city, presence, proximity and position sensing city; object recognition, counting, profiling, distance, speed and velocity sensing.

Added Intelligence

At your request, algorithms and intelligence can be added for on-board processing, or the data can be processed on companion computers or centralized infrastructures.

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TeraRanger Evo Thermal 33

Infrared thermal camera, 33° FoV
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The thermographic addition to the TeraRanger Evo family offers versatile performance in a compact and affordable design, ideal for measuring human body temperature from a distance.

Evo Thermal 33º version - obtain a more detailed thermal image with the 32 × 32 pixel resolution over a 33º Field-of-View. Measure heat variations at an extended range (13 m for human detection) with a 7 Hz sampling rate. The sensor weighs only 12 grams making it suitable to OEM applications and systems integrators.

TeraRanger Evo 64px

Multi-pixel ToF depth sensor
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Developed for indoor use, Evo 64px outputs a matrix of 8 × 8 high-speed distance readings over a 15 degree Field of View, with a maximum range of up to 5 meters. All in a small and lightweight form-factor, only 12 grams. A free graphical user interface is available for quick tests on your PC, and drivers for ROS are also written adding to the plug and play convenience.

Product is no longer in production. Limited stock available with Reseller partners. Use link below.

Terabee 3Dcam 80×60

3D Time-of-Flight depth camera
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Enable the third dimension with an 80 × 60 pixel resolution and 74° × 57° Field-of-View. The 3D Time-of-Flight camera benefits from a robust aluminum casing while still offering a compact (83 grams) and discrete design. It is easy to set up and to stream depth data via the USB interface on Windows or Linux OS. Terabee 3Dcam 80×60 comes with an OpenNI-based SDK, C/C++ samples, Python samples, and ROS package.
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