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Sensing the future of the in-store retail experience

Today’s offline retailers face many challenges. The fact that people are shunning bricks and mortar stores in favour of online shopping is widely publicised. Brands need to find inventive ways to entice customers back into stores. They must innovate in order to deliver added value and the kind of connected experience that shoppers have become accustomed to online.
smart building solutions

One way of doing this is to use technology to create an exciting and memorable in-store shopping experience. Technology has developed at a pace, and today new opportunities arise to create immersive digital experiences within a physical space. By blending in-store and digital experiences brands can present a truly immersive and connected experience that will delight customers and create loyal brand followers.

Using Terabee’s TeraRanger MultiFlex sensor kit, that’s just what Byzance, a customer experience agency, achieved for its client’s new perfume launch.

smart building solutions

Terabee’s sensing solution for interactive retail units

Based in Paris and Dubai, Byzance are experts in consulting, interactive installations and digital experiences. The agency wanted to create an interactive retail unit to promote its client’s new perfume ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ by Kilian. The units would be used on pop-up promotional stands at product launches in Dubai, the UK and Lithuania.

Byzance had been experimenting with creating a sensor that would trigger automated responses when a customer opened a specific drawer within the point of sale unit. The required responses included a light coming on within the opened drawer, and a video relating to the drawer’s contents being displayed on a screen above the unit.

Due to the complexity of the requirement, Byzance had failed to develop an appropriate sensor. While looking for an alternative solution, Byzance discovered Terabee’s TeraRanger MultiFlex sensor kit. This modular sensing kit provides eight discrete plug and play sensor modules that are USB connected for easy integration, and can be positioned where required for a custom configuration.

Julien Le Dortz, Co-Founder & CEO, Byzance commented, “Terabee’s MultiFlex delivered the perfect sensing solution for our client’s interactive retail units. The units were being made and assembled to different designs and specifications by different subcontractors in each country. We therefore required a sensing solution that was discreet, flexible, and simple to install and use – which is exactly what Terabee’s MultiFlex delivered.”

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Sensing solutions for retailers

Of course, intelligent sensing technologies have wider applications than just the creation of immersive and interactive shopping experiences. The use of in-store sensing technology is rapidly gaining traction as retailers begin to understand the true value of their contribution.

Online retailers are accustomed to using and tracking data to understand a customer’s buying habits, but until now, bricks and mortar stores have had no way of knowing how shoppers move around the store, what catches their attention and which products they pick up and put back down. This information could be used to automatically control lighting, point of sale and digital signage content to help customers interact with their experience and to help retailers achieve specific goals.

Terabee is exploring a number of exciting sensor based applications for retail environments including:

  •   Monitoring interactions with objects and products
  •   Monitoring interactions with point of sale furniture
  •   Gesture recognition and contactless interfaces
  •   Presence detection for display content triggers

Julien Le Dortz adds, “We see a huge amount of potential in Terabee’s sensing technology to enhance the smart retail experience. We have already explored a number of different applications with Terabee and will continue to work closely with them to test alternative solutions based on their innovative and cost competitive technology.”

Here at Terabee we are very excited at the potential role that our sensing technology can add to retail experiences. We’re currently designing solutions that can integrate content automation, people behaviour and gesture recognition, and would welcome the opportunity to develop a bespoke smart retail solution for you. Get in touch with us today!

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