Terabee Sensors Modules Headband

Sensor Modules

Small, lightweight and highly versatile, Terabee sensor modules can easily integrate into your sensing applications thanks to easy-to-use data streams and practical USB or I2C/UART interfaces.

LiDAR ToF range finders

Discover these Time-of-Flight (ToF) distance sensors which allow you to measure a single point and return distance values in millimeters at high speed. They are plug and play, eye-safe and easy to use as single sensors or combined in multi-sensor arrays. Typical applications include robotics and drone distance sensing, proximity sensing, level monitoring, object counting and more.
Terabee Picto Robotic Navigation
Robotics navigation
Terabee Picto Drone Obstacle Avoidance
Drone obstacle avoidance
Presence Detection and Object Counting
Presence detection, object counting
Terabee Picto Level Monitoring
Level monitoring

3D Cameras and multi-pixel Sensors

Introducing these compact 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth cameras, for indoor applications, enabling you to measure volume, recognize gestures, capture movement and more. Benefit from factory-calibrated depth data and quick and easy setup.

Create digital signage, simple people counting and retail applications using dedicated sensors with built-in algorithms for hand gesture recognition and bidirectional movement detection.
Presence Detection and Object Counting
Objects and people counting
Meeting room usage
Occupancy monitoring
Terabee Picto Fall Detection
Fall detection
Objects Classification
Object classification
Terabee Picto Hand Gesture Recognition
Hand gesture recognition

Thermal cameras

Discover Terabee thermographic cameras which use passive Infrared technology to monitor heat variations in your environment. They operate in a broad range of conditions, including direct sunlight, fog, and complete darkness, and output non-intrusive data that protects personal privacy. They are ideal for safety, factory quality control, presence and movement detection applications.
Terabee Picto Human Body Temperature
Human body temperature
Heat Source Tracking Counting
Heat source tracking, counting
Machine Process Temperature Monitoring
Machine and process monitoring


Boost your applications and development with Terabee plug and play sensor accessories. Get more value out of your sensor modules by selecting from a range of communication and power interfaces such as USB, UART and I2C. Extend the reach of your applications with different cable lengths or enable custom sensor arrays.
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