Hub Backboard for TeraRanger Evo sensors

linear sensor array

Clip on, interchangeable interface board for building multi-sensor applications with TeraRanger Hub Evo

Hub Backboard is an easy to clip-on interface board, compatible with TeraRanger TeraRanger Evo 60m, Evo 3m and Evo 600Hz ToF sensors. The lightweight board allows plug’n play connection between Evo sensors and the TeraRanger Hub Evo - accessory for building and working with multi-sensor applications.
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Key product features

  • Compatible with TeraRanger Evo 60m, Evo 3m and Evo 600Hz
  • Lightweight design - only 3 grams!
  • Ensures data stream between Evo sensors and the TeraRanger Hub Evo
  • Provides power management capabilities
  • Comes with a flat flex cable (20cm) for connecting to TeraRanger Hub Evo
  • Simple clip on design for quick interface swap
  • To operate with TeraRanger Hub Evo, each Evo distance sensor requires a Hub Evo
distance measurement sensor

Plug’n play with multi sensor applications

TeraRanger Evo sensors consist of an opto-electronic sensing device (black module) and a choice of backboard (yellow model), which simply plugs-in to provide the sensor with its communication link and power management capabilities without the need for adapters or complex wiring. Hub backboard is designed to support compatibility with the TeraRanger Hub Evo - a lightweight accessory board enabling users to connect up to 8 TeraRanger Evo distance sensors and build multi-sensor configurations.

Hub Backboard is compatible with the following Evo ToF distance sensors:

TeraRanger Evo 60m
TeraRanger Evo 3m
TeraRanger Evo 600Hz
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a backboard for each TerRanger Evo sensor?

To function, each TeraRanger Evo unit requires a backboard interface to ensure power supply and a communication interface. We offer I2C/UART and USB interfaces for all TeraRanger Evo sensors. We also sell the TeraRanger Hub Evo interface to connect up to 8 TeraRanger Evo 60m, Evo 600Hz or Evo 3m of the same-type to a TeraRanger Hub Evo board using Flat Flex Cables. This allows you to build your own sensor module array.

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