TeraRanger Hub Evo - compact accessory board for multi-sensor applications, USB/UART, 13 grams

light sensor array

Prototype fast and build custom Time-of-Flight sensor arrays for your application!

The compact and lightweight (13g) board enables you to connect up to 8 TeraRanger Evo distance sensors and stream distance data in millimeters via USB and UART interface. TeraRanger Hub Evo features a crosstalk avoidance mode triggering sensors in a sequence to avoid crosstalk and allowing to place these where necessary! It’s the ideal solution for research, R&D projects and rapid prototyping of multi-sensor configurations.
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Key product features

  • Compatible with TeraRanger Evo 60m, Evo 3m and Evo 600Hz sensors
  • Connect up to 8 Evo sensors of the same type per Hub Evo
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 8 directions
  • Features multi-sensor crosstalk avoidance
  • USB or UART interfaces
  • Lightweight design, from 13 grams
  • ROS ready
  • Built-in IMU
Download Specification sheet Download Specification sheet

Applications you can develop with our Time-of-Flight sensor arrays

3d sensor

Robot navigation, anti-collision, positioning

temperature camera

Drone obstacle avoidance

sensor arrays

Virtual light barrier creation

structured light sensor camera

Multi-point level sensing

sensor arrays

Object detection, counting

distance measurement sensor

Built-in crosstalk avoidance for sensor arrays

Hub Evo offers two operating modes.

Select Simultaneous mode and maximize data acquisition speed from each sensor connected to the Hub Evo.

When sensors are positioned in a configuration where crosstalk is likely, go for Sequential mode. The Hub Evo synchronizes distances measurements from each sensor, triggering these in a sequence that avoids crosstalk.
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Compatibility with TeraRanger Evo sensors

TeraRanger Evo sensors consist of an optoelectronic sensing device (black module) and a choice of interface backboard (yellow model), which simply plugs-in to provide the sensor with its communication link and power management capabilities.

TeraRanger Hub Evo is compatible with the following ToF TeraRanger Evo distance sensors:

• TeraRanger Evo 60m
• TeraRanger Evo 3m
• TeraRanger Evo 600Hz

A specific interface board is required - Hub Evo Backboard - to ensure connectivity between the TeraRanger Hub Evo and Evo distance sensors.
optical distance sensor


What are the available communications protocols for Hub Evo?

The Hub Evo communicates via USB as standard but you can also mount the UART communication board included with the TeraRanger Evo Hub to gain a serial interface

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