Terabee IND-TOF-1 - ToF distance sensor, 12.5m, IP65, RS485, NO/NC (0-24V)

silo level measurement

Compact, rugged ToF distance sensor, 6 operating modes and industrial communication protocol

The sensor offers 12.5-meter detection capabilities using Time-of-Flight technology. The robust IP65 enclosure ensures dust-proof and water-resistant capabilities - in a compact (99 grams) and cost-effective design.

Programmable distance thresholds can be set using on-the-field teach-in buttons to trigger alarms, detect movement, count objects and more! The sensor provides proximity notification with a classic NO/NC switching output (0-24V), while also communicating calibrated distance data via RS485 interface. Six embedded operating modes enable you to address a variety of monitoring applications!
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Key product features

  • Up to 12.5 meter range, Time-of-Flight technology
  • IP65-rated enclosure
  • 6 operating modes based on distance thresholds
  • RS485 (Modbus) interface for distance-to-target feedback
  • NO/NC switching outputs (0-24V) for threshold notification
  • Integrated teach-in buttons for quick on-the-field programming
  • Added value replacement to photocell sensors
  • Compact form-factor, 99 grams
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Potential applications

robot follow me

Object presence detection, counting

robot follow me

Object sorting for size (height monitoring)

robot follow me

Material stock level monitoring

silo level measurement

Height monitoring for vehicle entries

optical sensor array

Distance measurement applications

silo level measurement

Rugged, water-resistant and dust-proof!

Benefit from an IP65-rated enclosure suitable to industry standards, such as equipment washdown requirements, as well as usage in outdoor applications.

1 sensor, 6 modes!

The sensor offers 6 operating modes with programmable distance thresholds, enabling users to address a variety of monitoring and distance sensing applications.

Setup trigger zones and obtain fast NO/NC (0-24V) proximity notifications whenever the light beam in the trigger zone is breached! Receive distance data via RS485 (Modbus) to know exactly at what distance the light beam has been broken.

Please refer to our user manual for more detailed instructions on mode setup and operation.
silo level measurement
silo level measurement

Industrial communication protocol!

The robust M12 connection ensures reliable distance data transfer via RS485 interface to a control unit, such as a PLC, and also provides a 0-24V switching output.

Quick and intuitive commissioning!

Quickly set up one or several trigger zones for NO/NC proximity notification using the integrated teach-in buttons (PROG and SET)! Multi-color LEDs provide a visual confirmation of distance threshold breach, sensor power and live data stream.
Download the setup guideDownload the setup guide
silo level measurement
silo level measurement

Versatile and cost-effective installation!

Benefit from a variety of installation options using an M4 screw set:

- Front-panel mounting
- Back panel mounting
- Angle mounting using a 90° bracket accessory

No additional components, such as reflectors or receivers, are required for the setup process and operation, making the installation both, cost and time-efficient!
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