TeraRanger Multiflex - Modular and low-cost 8-sensor kit, 2m, 50Hz, 20 grams

linear sensor array

Build flexible sensor arrays for indoor robotics and IoT applications!

TeraRanger Multiflex is a modular an low-cost sensing kit. You’ll receive eight plug and play sensor modules on one flexible bus making it easy to create custom configurations and to place sensors where needed. When sensors are positioned in a configuration where crosstalk is likely, the central Hub synchronizes distance measurements from each sensor, triggering these in a sequence that avoids crosstalk. It’s the ideal – and higher performance – alternative to ultrasound for robot collision avoidance, stock monitoring and a myriad other closer range distance sensing applications, all in one convenient and easy to use kit.

The TeraRanger Multiflex is no longer available. You can purchase available stock from our Reseller partners using the link below.