Terabee Robot Positioning System

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Improve localization and navigation with Terabee radio-frequency absolute positioning. Turn location data into valuable insights to improve your mobile robot navigation.

Terabee Robot Positioning System is a radio-frequency absolute positioning system to improve the localization and navigation of mobile robots. Equipped with Ultra wideband technology scalable to 32 anchors, it can cover up to 1600 m2 area with just 4 anchors (1600 m2 as each anchor to anchor distance is 40 m). This enables you to identify and track the vehicle’s location inside a facility, in real time.

Designed for accuracy, the system allows mobile robots to navigate safely without pre-mapped routes. A tracker beacon is installed on each vehicle and a number of anchors placed within the facility. Much like GPS, the tracker trilaterates with the anchors, but at high speed and with centimeter accuracy.


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