TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus - Enable Touchless User Interfaces and more

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Detect people movement, trigger actions based on proximity, understand customer engagement and perform touchless gesture recognition with one compact ToF sensor

Evo Swipe Plus provides four complimentary modes in one small sensor module that is discreet and easy to integrate. The sensor will detect the presence of people and their proximity to the sensor, it will understand in which direction people are moving and switch to a touchless gesture recognition mode for people to interact with information panels, kiosks and other devices. Its touchless gesture recognition features offer convenience for users and companies by reducing the risk of virus transmission and the need for constant disinfection of user interfaces.

Key product features

  • 4 modes in one small sensor module - Presence and Direction detection, Engagement trigger, Touchless gesture control
  • Embedded algorithm for autonomous mode switching
  • Small, discreet sensor (not a camera). GDPR compliant by design
  • Easy integration. Ideal for OEM design-in projects
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Touchless user interface sensor applications

time of flight sensor

People traffic detection

time of flight sensor

Direction detection

intelligence buildings

Responsive display advertising

Tocuhless Gesture Recognition

Touchless gesture recognition

gesture recognition

4 engagement modes in 1 ToF module

Address multiple applications with a single sensor module:

Presence & Direction of movement: Know how many people pass by and their direction of movement. This key data enables you to understand customer engagement with your digital assets.

Engagement trigger: Tailor display content depending whether a user is approaching or moving away from your digital asset.

Touchless gesture recognition: Easily interface with digital kiosks and screens with no need to tap, press or touch the device.

Product optimized for easy integration

Thanks to its compact size and robust design this solution can be discretely integrated into complex systems.
depth sensing camera
Gesture recognition sensor

Code? No code

There is no need to develop extra code. Simply set up triggers and counters in your application for the sensor to feed. Evo Swipe Plus carries a software layer that allows you to easily set up the sensor for your application.
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