TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus - All-in-one sensor for touchless interfaces

Teraranger Evo Swipe Plus

Detect people movement, trigger actions based on proximity, measure customer engagement and perform touchless gesture recognition. Evo Swipe Plus does it all in one compact and easy to integrate ToF sensor

Evo Swipe Plus is ideally suited to digital information screens and kiosks, interactive advertising, smart retail installations and all manner of touchless gesture recognition applications.

The sensor can be used in two configurations. One allows presence detection and counting, event triggering and touchless gesture control. In the other configuration presence detection is replaced with a bi-directional people traffic counter. This allows you to track how many people pass by your digital asset from right to left or left to right, and when, and to see how many people engage with it.

At a time when virus propagation is in all our minds, the touchless left/right, right/left and validation gesture commands of Evo Swipe Plus eliminate the need for continual disinfection of touchscreens and keypads, whilst giving users an added sense of security.

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Key product features

  • 4 modes in one small sensor module - Presence detection, bi-directional people traffic counting, event trigger, touchless gesture control
  • Embedded algorithm for autonomous mode switching
  • Small, discreet sensor (not a camera)
  • GDPR compliant by design
  • Easy integration. Ideal for OEM design-in projects
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Understand user presence

Evo Swipe Plus presence detection is smart. Not only will it detect the presence of a person, but it will also count how many people pass in front of your digital asset, helping you to assess its effectiveness.

Measure the number of people passing by

With the bidirectional counting mode you will know, not only how many people pass by, but also their direction of travel. With this extra insight you can better understand how people flow within your space and around your digital asset.
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Image 3 Passing Counting
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Adapt your display for dazzling customer engagement

Evo Swipe Plus includes an engagement trigger mode. With this you can wake up screens, tailor display parameters and content depending whether a user is approaching or moving away. Measuring user interest and content or advertising relevance has never been easier.
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A complete touchless experience

No need to tap, press or touch the device. Evo Swipe Plus gesture recognition enables right/left, left/right navigation at the sweep of a hand, while a push motion simulates a button press for validation commands.
Evo Swipe Plus Gesture Recognition
depth sensing camera

Product optimized for easy integration

Thanks to its compact size and robust design, Evo Swipe Plus is easy to integrate into many systems, from displays to elevators, and more. There is no need to develop extra code. Simply set up triggers and counters in your application. Evo Swipe Plus software will make the rest easy.
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