TeraRanger Evo Thermal 33 - the compact thermal camera, 32x32px, 33º FoV, 12 grams

infrared thermographic camera Teraranger Evo Thermal 33

Monitor heat variations, detect movement and capture the unseen with our infrared thermographic camera!

The thermographic addition to the TeraRanger Evo family offers versatile performance in a compact and affordable design, ideal for Smart City, Smart building and Industrial applications.

Evo Thermal 33º version - obtain a more detailed thermal image with the 32x32 pixel resolution over a 33º Field of View. Measure heat variations at an extended range (13m for human detection) and a higher sampling rate (14Hz). The sensor weighs only 12 grams making it suitable to OEM applications and systems integrators.

Key product features

  • 32×32 pixel thermal image
  • 33° Field-Of-View
  • Small and lightweight design (only 9 grams)
  • UART / USB (clip on, interchangeable) interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Non-intrusive data collection that respects privacy
  • Operates in a broad range of conditions – sunlight, darkness and poor visibility
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Applications you can build with our thermographic cameras

Copy Of Terabee Icons Adaptive Lighting

Adaptive lighting

Copy Of Terabee Icons Building Efficiency Optimization

Building efficiency optimization

Copy Of Terabee Icons Heat Movement Monitoring

Heat movement monitoring

Copy Of Terabee Icons Machine Process Temperature Monitoring

Machine and process temperature monitoring

Copy Of Terabee Icons Responsive Display Advertising

Responsive display advertising

4 Teraranger Evo Thermal 33 Ir Camera

Advantages of IR thermal technology

By using passive infrared thermal technology to detect hot spots and temperature differences, Evo Thermal sensors operate in a broad range of conditions including indoors, outdoors, sunlight, complete darkness and poor visibility. Since thermal data does not reveal identity, privacy is respected at all times.

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Unique modular design

TeraRanger Evo Thermal sensors consist of a thermographic sensing device (black module) and a choice of backboard (yellow module), which simply plugs-in to provide the sensor with a communication link and its power management capabilities without the need for adapters or complex wiring. You simply choose the backboard that best suits your application and communication protocol! USB and UART backboards are available.

For first time users, we recommend the USB backboard as it allows quick tests on PC with our graphical user interface. This setup is also required for possible firmware updates in future.

Other backboards with industry standard interfaces and protocols can also be made to support your application. Contact us to discuss your project requirements.
Compatibiltiy tableCompatibiltiy table
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