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Skydrone Robotics integrates Terabee sensors for obstacle detection in their latest drone

Skydrone Robotics and Terabee have partnered to integrate Time-of-Flight obstacle detection systems into Skydrone’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones.
Skydrone Robotics And Terabee Evo Drone Object Collision 1

Skydrone Robotics, based in La Rochelle, France, is using Terabee’s versatile Hub system to integrate a customised 4-sensor array into their latest drone model, VERSATYL

Skydrone Robotics Terabee Drone Object Collision Sysyem

Easy to integrate

The system is discreetly integrated into the body of the drone, providing peripheral obstacle detection to protect the drone and its environment. If an obstacle is detected, the four sensors communicate directly with the Ardupilot navigation system to automatically adjust the flight path.

“We are very happy with the ease of implementation of the Terabee system,” said Antoine Vidaling, CEO of Skydrone Robotics.  

“We’ve been able to integrate the sensors and Hub into the casing of our drone. Terabee has been a helpful partner during the development process. Collision avoidance is a key element of our offering to reduce risks during flight.”

Collision avoidance technology

“Skydrone Robotics’s integration of the Terabee drone collision avoidance solution is very impressive,” said Max Ruffo, CEO of Terabee.  “The sensor array will effectively protect the drone and its environment without any compromise of performance or functioning.”

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones, are increasingly used to carry valuable payloads such as sophisticated thermal and video cameras for conducting inspections where it is too costly and dangerous to send people.  So companies who use drones are eager to protect these expensive pieces of equipment.

That’s where collision avoidance technology comes into play.

Lightweight, low-power sensors and sensor array solutions

Terabee has been actively developing Time-of-Flight (ToF) distance sensors for use in mobile robotics since its inception in 2012.  Today, Terabee offers a range of lightweight and low-power sensors and sensor array solutions that are ideal for UAVs.   

The Tower Evo is a pre-configured sensor array designed specifically for drones providing 360° collision avoidance.

Skydrone Robotics Uses Terabee Drone Object Collision Sysyem Lr
Skydrone Robotics And Terabee Evo Drone Object Collision

The Hub Evo system allows engineers to customize and integrate their own sensor arrays using the Evo range of distance sensors.

The Neo-ES sensor, the latest addition to Terabee’s range, is perfect for altitude detection up to 30 meters.

About Skydrone Robotics

Skydrone Robotics develops drones and robotics solutions with high technological value. It is recognized for its ability to design solutions for drones, robots and radio systems that can be marketed quickly and are aimed primarily at the large account and institutional markets. Its multi-disciplinary expertise of fifteen PhDs, engineers and technicians in electronics, software and mechanics makes possible a rapid cycle time, from R&D to production, exclusively internally at its site in La Rochelle, France.

Visit Skydrone Robotics website here.

Skydrone Robotics And Terabee

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