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Footfall monitoring has always had the capacity to offer rich insights into how customers and employees utilize your business space, but the technology hasn’t always been available to truly capitalize on the process.
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Manual monitoring is time-consuming. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) with built-in machine vision seems invasive. WiFi tracking is inaccurate. Many of the available people counting technologies simply haven’t justified the expense of ownership for many business owners looking to buy into the smart revolution. 

Yet our current economic climate has viscerally highlighted the need to economize space and control traffic in a manner that is both safe and efficient. Until now, most smart businesses looking to take up advanced people counting tech have been incentivized by cost-saving possibilities through greater utilization of space. But the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new dynamic to smart business innovation. In many regions, footfall monitoring and control is now mandatory to ensure compliance with pandemic-control regulations. 

So, how can businesses safely and securely digitize their people counting protocols to meet the changing demands of smart business?

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People Counting Tech: The Terabee Way

There is a neat cross-section of objectives for most businesses looking to implement people counting tech for cost-saving initiatives and COVID-compliance. Sensing solutions must be accurate. They must continuously capture information and communicate it in easily accessible data points. Furthermore, people counting technologies should be able to retain their high accuracy in dense footfall areas through simultaneous detection of multiple people. Sensors should ideally anonymize data to ensure compliance with privacy-related legislation such as GDPR, and it is usually beneficial if the sensing module is discrete.

We believe that infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) tech is that answer to these manifold requirements for smart businesses considering new people counting tech. Using infrared light to monitor footfall guarantees anonymity through non-intrusive depth data acquisition and naturally meets eye-safety requirements. It also means that sensors can operate in low light conditions as ambient illumination is not a relevant parameter for accurate readings.   

Our people counting devices operate on these tried-and-tested principles. Terabee People Counting L-XL is a discrete sensing module with a built-in 3D depth sensor based on IR ToF with a fairly broad field of view (FoV). This expanded scope of vision enables the device to detect multiple people within the target zone, distinguishing between one body and another with a reported accuracy approaching 98%.

Time-of-Flight camera occupancy monitoring

This accuracy is not only based on the hardware of our people counting tech. We empower the users of the People Counting L-XL with a proprietary algorithmic software, which ensures the accuracy of the  data that people counting devices produce. Developed thanks to years of testing at client premises and our own, our people counting software enables features such as simultaneously detecting multiple people, retaining accuracy in dense footfall areas and shopping cart and static object filtering. This is how our system maintains its accuracy even during busy periods.

The data that people counting devices produce can also be easily integrated into your existing platform by simply using our Cloud API, or have the people counting devices push people counting data in real-time to deliver insights on occupancy levels. Terabee People Counting L-XL is a pioneering system designed to help you acquire critical parameters to help make key business decisions. From energy optimization to occupancy control, our people counting technologies provide the functional capacities necessary to meet next-generation smart business demands today. 

The scope of application for Terabee people counting applications is practically limitless, from smart retail to COVID-compliant shops and office spaces where social distancing rules are supported by autonomous data acquisition. If you would like to speak with a member of the sales team about your specific smart business challenges, contact us using the link below. 

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