Square Sense enables energy savings

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation optimized to leverage occupancy variations, based on Terabee people counter sensor data
Square Sense Terabee Energy Reduction With People Counting 800 X 500 Px

The challenge

In France, the Tertiary Eco Energy Scheme (DEET), also known as the “tertiary decree”, imposes a progressive reduction in energy consumption on tertiary buildings. It aims to save 60% of final energy consumption in this type of building by 2050. Property owners of tertiary buildings equal to or larger than 1,000 mare required to declare the energy consumption of their buildings.

Square Sense aims to lead the digital transformation of the real estate sector by collecting and analysing all the data generated by the use of a building. They have a focus on the decarbonization trajectories imposed by the tertiary sector decree, to help building owners to reduce energy consumption linked to the building’s operational management.

The solution

In 2023, Terabee partner Square Sense embarked on a transformative journey, deploying Terabee’s cutting-edge People Counting device, the PC L-XL LoRa, with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Square Sense implemented hundreds of these devices, revolutionizing the landscape of occupancy management and data analytics. The integration of Terabee’s state-of-the-art technology into the Square Sense repertoire bolstered their operational capabilities but also redefined standards in crowd monitoring and space utilization. Through seamless deployment and meticulous calibration, Square Sense ensured optimal performance, empowering businesses and institutions to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

A tale of two buildings

In the case of two Paris-based buildings with a similar size, age and refurbishment date, there is an immediate opportunity to improve energy performance through tailoring heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) operations based on occupancy levels.

Building A does not have its heating and cooling system calibrated to respond to day-to-day occupancy variations while Building B has been adjusted for occupancy variations. An examination shows that Building A consumes more energy, both in absolute terms and per m2, with significant overnight consumption.

A comparative analysis between the two buildings shows potential of up to 20% energy savings can be achieved from better calibrating building heating and cooling systems to respond to day-to-day occupancy variations.

Square Sense Energy Efficiency
Sq 540 X 170 Px

Square Sense were responsible for optimizing Building B. They continued the mission for Q3, maintaining performance. Optimization is via a timer whose programming is based on Square Sense’s analysis of the building’s occupancy and they have formulated a customer recommendation to adapt HVAC programming according to occupancy, in order to guarantee optimum air quality while reducing consumption.

From the first year, this sees immediate benefits of up to 20% energy savings providing a Return on tenant investment in 3 months.

Square Sense is a leading developer and operator in the field of Smart Services and Smart Energy, supporting its clients in the upstream phases of building design and in the definition of Smart Services and Smart Energy programmes, as well as its investor clients as an operational partner in the management of their assets. Square Sense aims to lead the digital transformation of the real estate sector by collecting and analysing all the data generated by the use of a building.  

About Square Sense

Square Sense is a fast-growing PropTech founded in 2017 to lead the digital transformation of real estate asset management. Our unique solution supports office and residential real estate portfolios to develop better relationships with their tenants, enhance the effectiveness of their operations, and optimize their environmental performance.

Square Sense collects and processes all data from real estate assets, providing a unique data platform to create measurable financial and environmental value for asset managers, operators and developers. Its team combines skills in data science, software development, and asset management, to accelerate the transformation of real estate into a data-driven industry.

Get in touch with Terabee today for accurate, anonymous insights into building, workplace and room usage and how to optimize real estate expenditure with Terabee Time-of-Flight people flow counting sensors and thermal infrared space occupancy sensors.

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