Terabee and STMicroelectronics are building a connected world together!

Terabee is pleased to be a part of the ST Partner Program, building a valuable partnership with this giant of technology. It definitely is a win-win relationship where Terabee can leverage on a wide offer of components that come with a comprehensive set of deliverables, from development platforms, to libraries, reference code and support. All from a single supplier.

We believe in this highly valuable collaboration that will enable Terabee to keep creating cost efficient and reliable innovative solutions, respecting the tight time to market constraint of the industries we are addressing. Having early access to ST latest technology and their team of experts is a proven value, while ST also benefits from the early feedback and market opportunities Terabee is able to provide as we go to market with an expanding range of sensor modules and IoT devices for Smart Buildings, IoT, Industry 4.0 and Robotics. We also believe that Terabee products will act as testimonial for STMicroelectronics components, showcasing their performance in real and differentiated applications, contributing to broaden the ecosystem being built with suppliers and partners.

“Having worked at ST for more than a decade, I understand well the value ST brings to Terabee and the quality of their sensors and microcontrollers. It is a natural fit with the direction of Terabee and I look forward to working with old friends from my own days at ST” states Ugo Zampieri, Head of Product Development at Terabee.

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