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Terabee partners with Brunata AG for IoT silo level monitoring in Switzerland

Swiss IoT solutions provider Brunata AG with Terabee, as technology partner and provider of level sensing hardware, join forces to digitize silo level monitoring for the Swiss smart agriculture market
Digitizing animal feed silos

The challenge

Brunata AG was asked to help solve a problem with obtaining real-time level information from animal feed silos and to be able to share the data easily and simply with farm team members. An IoT solution that removed human error and the need for periodic physical checks was identified, allowing resources to be redeployed to more important tasks.

Terabee’s offering

The recent addition to Terabee’s level monitoring portfolio, LoRa Level Monitoring XL, met Brunata’s criteria perfectly. It is a self-powered IoT level monitoring device that integrates a high-performance optical (LED) Time-of-Flight sensor for accurate, non-intrusive level measurement in silos. LoRa Level Monitoring XL supports over the air data communicated via LoRaWAN. A perfect match for Brunata’s customer.


Digital transformation in the agriculture sector

Brunata AG was one of the first partners to order and take delivery from the initial production batch of the LoRa Level Monitoring XL.

Brunata integrated the Terabee device into their Switzercloud IoT Platform, where data is visualised on the built-in Colibird end-application for users to access via any smart device. 

Brunata’s customer chose a location near the Swiss capital Bern, where they created a smart agriculture live-lab on an operational farm. The Terabee device was easily installed in a matter of minutes and began real-time monitoring animal feed in next to no time. Within seconds of the feeder working, silo level data was being viewed using a password protected, refreshable web link on the farm manager’s smart device.

Smooth to integrate, install and monitor

Says Val Jelinic, Head of Ecosystem and IoT Solutions, Brunata AG, “The whole installation experience was very positive and trouble-free. The Terabee product came with an additional mounting accessory for flat surfaces, which the farm manager used to easily secure the sensor to a removable metal hatch from on top of the silo.”

A useful feature is the “auto test” mode. Once the device is powered on, it provides a short burst of data transmission from the end device to the network server for a total of about 30 to 40 minutes at two to three minute intervals. After which, it enters its normal (longer) measurement intervals to reduce energy consumption and extend battery life. Brunata was able to easily validate the connection before installation, both at the bottom and the top of the silo.

“Valuable to us was quickly getting live data from the device after the installation. This enabled us to immediately show the remaining feed level to the farm manager, who was participating in the installation. His response “Wow! I thought we had more feed left!?” perfectly summed up the exercise.”



Jelinic continues, “Our customer created an IoT live-lab not only to benefit from the solution themselves but also to gain knowledge and hands-on experience with IoT technology with a view to becoming an IoT service provider.” 

Alongside Terabee’s silo level monitoring, the Switzercloud partner is exploring additional use cases such as fresh produce tracking, water and energy metering and monitoring livestock ambient conditions.




Roberts Rabcevskis, Product Manager at Terabee explains: “We’re very pleased to receive positive feedback from the deployment of one of the first Terabee LoRaWAN level devices. Brunata AG are professionals and domain experts in IoT solutions and LoRaWAN, hence very easy to work with. 

“I believe the most satisfying part is looking at the level data coming from the silos, and displayed on the Switzercloud end-application, and seeing all the bits of the IoT value-chain come together and add value. We definitely look forward to digitizing the agriculture sector in Switzerland together with Brunata AG, and making more and more silos smarter.”

Next steps

This first successful step is only the beginning with several other sites in the Canton already ear-marked for the same Terabee LoRaWAN level device. Accurate level measurements and timely automated feed monitoring has already produced positive results including accurate accounting, reduced the number of errors and simplified the livestock feed ordering process.

Thanks to the collaboration with Brunata, Terabee has also benefited from lessons learned in the field, which have been fed back into Terabee’s continual improvement process. Both companies look forward to further supporting the smart agriculture market in Switzerland.

LoRa Level Monitoring XL key features

  • Provides reliable and accurate (cm level) measurements
  • Avoids content contamination as no direct contact with monitored materials
  • Cable free design saves installation time and cost, reduces complexity
  • LoRa protocol combined with battery power = years of autonomy
  • Selectable measurement intervals, from 1/15 minutes to 1/24 hours
  • Stream real-time data and configure device on your PC using free software
Lora Level Monitoring

Want to know more?

Contact Terabee if you’re an integrator or a solution provider also looking for an IoT level device with LoRaWAN connectivity for your silos or tanks.

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Contact Brunata AG if you’re looking for this or other end-to-end IoT solutions on the Switzercloud or simply wish to know more about becoming a Switzercloud IOT service provider.

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