Terabee selected for Web Summit start-up track

Terabee is pleased to have been selected for the Web Summit Alpha Program. Web Summit takes place in Dublin, Ireland from November 3rd to 5th and is described by Forbes Magazine as “the best technology conference on the planet”. The Alpha Program includes the most promising technology start-ups as chosen by Web Summit and provides an opportunity to showcase advanced new technologies to the 30,000 attendees and to attract investment.Web Summit Logo
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CERN spin-off, Terabee, will showcase a new breed of navigation sensors for advanced robotics, drone operations and industrial automation. Max Ruffo, Terabee’s CEO explains “Our primary aims are to showcase our unique and advanced technology and to engage the right investors and partners. We have come a long way already, but are ready to make the step-change in our business and the number of customers we reach.”

With the boom in robotics, drones and automation, The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, Terabee’s unique Time-of-Flight technology enables sensors to be used in situations and applications not previously possible. They are incredibly fast, taking readings of up to 1000 times a second, small, highly power efficient and light, weighing just 8 grams. According to Max Ruffo, “This is disruptive technology! Our sensors are as small and light as ultrasound sensors, but with the performance more typical of large, heavy, laser-based systems. We have the potential to impact the ultrasound market whilst also stealing significant share from the laser market”.

Founded in 2012, Terabee has since become the first official spin-off of CERN (The European Centre for Nuclear Research) in France. This partnership, awarded on merit, enables Terabee to benefit from technical, administrative and financial assistance and is another clear demonstration of Terabee’s referrals and market potential.

“We are excited to be at Web Summit and to meet with potential customers, partners and investors. After three years of R&D we are confident the market will welcome the substantial advantages that our technology brings” concludes Dr. Ruffo. “We call our sensors ‘TeraRanger’ and we are excited to see them marching across the world at an alarming pace!”

If you are in Dublin for Web Summit please come and say hello. You can contact us to make an appointment, or find us on stand “Machine” in the M124 Area on Day 1 of the event, Tuesday, November 3rd.

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