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Terabee strengthens presence in Japan

Jepico, Terabee's Japanese reseller, exhibited at Yokohama Robot World 2021 last month, with several hundred visitors going to their booth and many thousands more attending the trade show.
Yokohama Robot World 2021
Jepico Robot World 2021 Low

Terabee sensors well-received

Jepico exhibited Terabee’s full range of Terabee sensor modules used in robotic and UAV navigation applications.

The TeraRanger Multiflex PCB attracted particular attention and received positive comments and interest from engineers, who appreciated the sensor array’s unique and lightweight design.

Useful for mobile robotic collision prevention, the array helps cover the blind spots that 3D LiDAR cannot cover.

Jepico has shown strong growth in 2021, in particular with Terabee sensor arrays for UAV collision avoidance combining the Evo 40m rangefinder and Terabee’s unique sensor hub system.



Jepico Corporation is a service-oriented import distributor of electric components, single board computers and system level products for markets both within Japan and globally. Jepico has also developed Custom LSI, Module, Board and engages in system integration.

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