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Terabee touchless interface solutions are ahead of industry trends

Touchscreen interfaces are widely used in supermarkets, information stands, and at some ATMs and restaurants. While public touchscreens offer an intuitive and engaging user experience, they are also a perfect breeding ground for pathogens. For example, 59% of touchscreens in grocery stores having E.coli present.
Toucless Interfaces

The survival of COVID-19 on many surfaces has renewed fears about public touchscreens acting as a potential source for infections. In the past years, many industries have embraced touchscreens as they are an excellent way of reducing staff workload and boosting efficiency. They also prove more intuitive for customers, with shortened waiting times. With 80% of the public viewing touchscreens as unhygienic, there is a clear need for touchscreen technologies that the public have confidence in.

One rapidly growing alternative technology is the use of touchless interfaces. Touchless interfaces can detect hand gestures at a distance to operate the screen without the need for direct contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. With new devices on the market such as Terabee’s Evo Swipe Plus, integrating touchless interfaces into your business is a simple and inexpensive process.

Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things

As touchless technologies continue to develop rapidly, businesses and organizations can rethink how they interact with visitors and staff. Touchless interfaces are not limited to information screens and they can be implemented as part of a building’s infrastructure to replace keypads for access control, elevator buttons, etc. The advantage of using touchless interfaces for these applications is that it is easy to integrate such devices into a network for Smart Building management.

Terabee offers a range of solutions for implementing touchless sensors. Whether for information kiosks, Smart Retail, or Smart Building applications, they can help keep customers and employees safe from threats such as COVID-19.

Touchless kiosks not only make an area stand out and remain memorable for visitors, but they can also be integrated with other safety technologies such as building occupancy counting and temperature screening. All this information produces actionable data immediately to help build trends that will improve space and building occupancy management.

Terabee Touchless Solutions

Terabee has been using its extensive expertise in a range of sensor technologies to create unique and customized Smart Building solutions. Harnessing the advantages of Time-of-Flight technology, Terabee solutions are GDPR compliant by design.

To enable a touchless solution for Smart Buildings, retail or factory operations, Terabee developed the Evo Swipe Plus. The small, discreet sensor is used in several applications, including presence detection of people, their direction of movement, responsive display advertising, and touchless gesture recognition.

Based on Terabee’s well-established infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor technology, the Evo Swipe Plus can be used in gesture mode with the user’s hand between 0.1 – 0.5 m from the sensor for optimal performance. The sensor has a range of up to 3 m for presence detection and 1.7 m for bidirectional people traffic monitoring applications.

This is a unique sensor designed for multiple applications, it comes with an onboard algorithm for autonomous mode switching and an engagement trigger.

Smart applications

Evo Swipe Plus is a lightweight, efficiency-enabling device with a low power consumption and ease of integration. As well as being straightforward to integrate into existing products, Evo Swipe Plus comes with its own configuration software.

One possible way of using Evo Swipe Plus to enhance the customer experience in a Smart Building is through integrating its digital signage, interactive restaurants, and tailored advertising applications. This can be achieved through several of the in-built modes in the Evo Swipe Plus.

The first is Presence Detection. With a range of 0.2 – 0.3 m at 20 Hz, the sensor can detect if someone is present in front of the sign or how many people have passed by. This can be integrated with the engagement action to trigger additional interaction possibilities with the device as well as minimizing energy wastage by switching off the screen when no one is present. Information on presence and level of interest in advertising material can be used to potentially change advertising content to achieve a better degree of targeting.

Another is the use of the bidirectional people traffic detection mode. With a range of up to 1.7 m, the sensor can count the number of people passing it and whether they are moving to the left or the right. This can be used to target advertising depending on a customer’s destination or to create interactive signage to make navigation of an area easier. This allows for improved targeting and cost-effective advertising and provides a modern experience for visitors.

Gesture Recognition

Other potential applications include lighting control, active flush toilets, content navigation, and gesture recognition enablement. The Evo Swipe Plus allows for relatively complex gesture recognition for interaction with terminals, including recognition of side-to-side gestures and downward hand movements to simulate a button press. This means sophisticated and natural content navigation can be achieved with an intuitive interface for customers. Actions can be linked to whatever gestures the designer requires.

Terabee is mastering a wide range of technologies to enable Smart Building digitalization.

Contact Terabee today if you would like to provide your visitors and staff with a touchless environment.

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Detect people movement, trigger actions based on proximity, measure customer engagement and perform touchless gesture recognition. Evo Swipe Plus does it all in one compact and easy to integrate ToF sensor
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Evo Swipe Plus is ideally suited to digital information screens and kiosks, interactive advertising, smart retail installations and all manner of touchless gesture recognition applications.

The sensor can be used in two configurations. One allows presence detection and counting, event triggering and touchless gesture control. In the other configuration presence detection is replaced with a bi-directional people traffic counter. This allows you to track how many people pass by your digital asset from right to left or left to right, and when, and to see how many people engage with it.

At a time when virus propagation is in all our minds, the touchless left/right, right/left and validation gesture commands of Evo Swipe Plus eliminate the need for continual disinfection of touchscreens and keypads, whilst giving users an added sense of security.

The TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus is no longer available. You can purchase available stock from our Reseller partners using the link below.
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