Terabee was awarded a top 10% ranking by Early Metrics startup ratings agency

Early Metrics is the rating agency for startups and innovative SMEs. It specializes in assessing a company’s growth potential and promoting the most promising innovations. Early Metrics’ purpose is to bring more transparency to support key stakeholders such as investors, entrepreneurs, employees, suppliers, and customers in their decision-making process. To guarantee the agency’s independence, all ratings are free for rated companies to avoid any conflict of interest.
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Terabee was assessed on 3 main criteria:

The quality and effectiveness of its management team: the founding team was thoroughly interviewed by Early Metrics experts to asses their skills and ability to formulate as well as execute their growth plan.

The ambition of the company’s projects and technological innovations: Terabee’s market positioning, commercial trends, technology, and operational execution were measured and benchmarked to measure the team’s ability to fulfill their innovation’s potential.
The interactions between the company and its ecosystem: Early Metrics analyzed how Terabee was expanding its operations within its environment. They also checked for power relations between stakeholders and tested the market’s appetite for innovation.

Terabee is very proud to have gone through this rigorous methodology and be awarded a top 10% place. It is a great addition to our previous awards and a testament to the team’s continuous improvement philosophy.
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