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Why people flow optimization matters

Business decision-making should be a data-driven process, but certain metrics, like people flow, are difficult to quantify. It can also be hard to extrapolate actionable insights from available data. Building operators may obtain rudimentary foot traffic information from CCTV, but the actual business value offered by visual surveillance systems is limited.
Why people flow optimization matters

Contrastingly, accurate people flow analysis using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors adds enormous value by enabling conversion rate optimization; dwell time and interaction measurement; inventory monitoring; workflow adjustments; and more.

People flow optimization unlocks many routes to more innovative operations. Using Smart Buildings technologies to obtain critical building and occupancy data, you can realize various commercial, health and wellbeing, security, and sustainability benefits

Managing people flow in different sectors

Primarily deployed in office buildings as part of integrated Smart Buildings systems, people counting solutions are increasingly used in various business sectors. Here are four different sectors where people flow optimization has a growing connection to success.

People flow optimization-Convention Centers

Convention centers

Events and exhibition centers are uniquely positioned to exploit the opportunities offered by high count accuracy people counting systems.

By monitoring traffic data throughout convention centers, event organizers can optimize hall layouts and provide reliable analytics for marketers looking to justify their trade show expenses.

The utilization of facilities such as washrooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias can also be more fully understood and planned for, with the availability of accurate people flow data.

Large arenas

Algorithmically monitoring the number of people attending events is a safe and effective method of tracking crowds in large arenas. Concert halls, sports venues, and other mass crowd gatherings require people flow optimization to ensure the safety and security of visitors. Planned maintenance and cleaning is made easier when accurate people flow data is available.

In addition, with people flow sensors, HVAC and lighting systems can be set to work when facilities are in use, and to be idle when they aren’t needed. This brings energy savings and related reductions in expenditure.

People flow optimization-Large arenas
People flow optimization-Public buildings

Public buildings

People flow optimization can help the managers of public buildings like art galleries and museums to engage and convert visitors effectively. They can gather data on which exhibition draws the most visitors and overall numbers of people who visit the facilities.

This data can, in turn, be used for funding purposes such as applying for grants.  Therefore an accurate visitor number record can help these institutions to generate new opportunities and expand their current activities.

Financial institutions

Banks have begun to implement people flow optimization using real-time and historical occupancy data. People counting sensors can highlight the rates of effective operations per visit, enabling branch managers to optimize floor space and department operations accordingly

How sensors measure people flow data

People flow optimization is a complex process that relies on accurate people counters. As mentioned, CCTV provides limited insights and can, in fact, be problematic. Privacy is a hot-button issue in people counting, and many, often inaccurate, solutions rely on speculative means to capture foot traffic data.

WiFi scanners, for example, are used to estimate crowd sizes by identifying broadcast messages from personal devices, but the applicability of WiFi scanning is inherently limited. Anonymous optical people counting is a far better solution

At Terabee, we offer 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) people flow optimization solutions that are GDPR-compliant by design. Using infrared Time-of-Flight sensors, our people counters obtain traffic data with 95% counting accuracy and a guarantee of total anonymity. No visible data is obtained.

Our solutions for wide doorways and entrances are precise enough to count individuals close to one another, when they enter or leave a defined counting area. Systems integrators looking to implement next-generation people flow optimization protocols benefit from absolute data integrity and unmatched counting accuracy when choosing a Terabee solution.

If you would like to learn how to deploy people flow optimization sensing solutions in your facility, contact a member of the Terabee team today.

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