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WISPR Systems uses Terabee Tower Evo for collision prevention in Ranger Pro drones

WISPR Systems, based in Batesville, Mississippi, United States, is using Terabee’s pre-configured Tower Evo system for collision prevention on their Ranger Pro drones.

The Tower Evo is a circular array of 8 distance sensors placed in the center of the drone which provides full peripheral obstacle detection.
Wispr Ranger Pro With Terabee Tower Evo

The sensors communicate directly with ArduPilot navigation to automate trajectory adjustments when an obstacle is detected. (Image: Wispr Systems)

Wispr Systems Uses Terabee Tower Evo

Tower Evo, a standard collision-avoidance feature

“Terabee’s Tower Evo solution has become a standard feature of our drones,” explained Conor Ferguson, CEO of WISPR.  “It provides a cost-effective solution that is easy to implement and reliable. It is part of our value proposition to customers who purchase WISPR drones – integrated collision avoidance helps secure their investment.”

WISPR Systems and Terabee have partnered to integrate Time-of-Flight obstacle detection systems in WISPR’s UAVs.  

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as drones, are increasingly used to carry valuable payloads such as sophisticated thermal and video cameras for conducting inspections where it is prohibitively costly and dangerous to send people.  Companies who use drones are therefore eager to protect these expensive investments.

That’s where collision avoidance technology comes into play. (Image: Wispr Systems)

“We are thrilled that WISPR Systems has selected our Tower Evo as their standard collision avoidance solution,” said Max Ruffo, CEO of Terabee.  “We have been working together for more than a year now and the relationship has been excellent.”

Terabee has been actively developing ToF distance sensors for use in mobile robotics since its inception in 2012.  Today, Terabee offers a range of lightweight and low power sensors and sensor array solutions that are ideal for UAVs.  

Lightweight, low-power sensors and sensor array solutions

The Tower Evo is a pre-configured sensor array designed specifically for drones providing 360° collision avoidance. With zero moving parts, the product offers increased robustness and silent operation, in a compact, lightweight design.

The Hub Evo system allows engineers to customize and integrate their own sensor arrays using the Evo range of distance sensors.  It features a crosstalk avoidance mode triggering sensors in a sequence to avoid crosstalk and allowing placement where it’s needed.

Finally, the Neo-ES sensor, the latest addition to Terabee’s range, is perfect for altitude detection up to 30 meters. This sensor provides the best combination of small size, low power consumption and distance ranging on the market.

Wispr And Terabee Collision Avoidance In Drones
Logo Wispr Systems

About Wispr Systems

Founded in 2016, WISPR Systems manufactures reliable and affordable U.S.A. commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with turnkey payload solutions for commercial operations.

WISPR Systems supports various industries with our drones such as Surveying/Mapping, Inspection, Telecommunications, Utilities, Public Safety, and much more. WISPR Systems is a one stop shop for all your commercial drone needs.

Visit Wispr Systems website here.

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