What is Terabee?

Terabee is a young dynamic company with the ambition to redefine remote measuring and sensing.
  1. We select the most advanced cameras and sensors then we deploy and move them using flying and wheeled robots.
  2. For each application domain, we develop specific tools and processes to optimize data quality and value for money.
  3. Finally, we develop new data analysis tools.

About Us

We aim at innovating the world of measurements and sensing - we shift analog towards digital, manual towards automated, 2D towards 3D, local towards global, grounded towards airborne.

We understand sensors

We have strong partnerships with Academic and Industrial Institutions internationally to be always forefront.  We study and use:

  • video and still cameras,
  • multi-spectral and hyper-spectral devices (they can spot what the human eye cannot see),
  • laser scanners (ie Lidar) and
  • radioactivity meters.

We like flying, and drones

Having experience in aviation, we foresee the advent of automated unmanned robots/vehicles to cover basic tasks.

We use proven technology when available (ie from military) and we develop solutions in-house when non-available. Each application requires a dedicated system:

  • unmanned fixed wing (ie small planes) for scanning large areas
  • unmanned VTOL (ie multi-copters) for proximity tasks
  • aerial manned operations
  • ground vehicles (mainly wheeled).

We focus on the application

We are application driven, not technology driven.

  1. We study the market,
  2. we immerse into the application to fully understand its needs,
  3. we map pro&cons + risks and only then
  4. we think of a real solution that makes both technical and business sense – this could include a modern sensor, a specific existing or to-be-developed drone, or none of them.