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Terabee is a highly diverse and international organization, employing only the brightest minds in the fields of sensing, electronics, optics, robotics, control theory, and other highly specialist fields.


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Management team

laser distance measurement sensor

Max Ruffo

CEO & Founder
20+ years' experience in the fields of aerospace, advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, R&D, business/process optimization and strategy consulting.
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Greg Watts

Commercial Manager
20+ years' experience in marketing communications, sales and account management of complex solutions for IT and High-Tech.
laser distance measurement sensor

Jan Kovermann

Physicist, Ph.D. in accelerator physics from RWTH Aachen University and CERN. Previously working at CERN in the field of high power RF accelerators.
laser distance measurement sensor

Stephen Carr

Chief Financial & Operations Officer
A Global CFO, with more than 20 years’ experience at a senior level within manufacturing, IT and consumer goods industries.
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Ugo Zampieri

Product Development Manager
25+ years' experience covering different positions in high tech companies, with experience in computer, telecom, imaging and semiconductor industries.


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Terabee is a highly diverse and international organization. We are expanding quickly and are constantly looking for talented resources to join our team!

To communicate effectively with all team members, spoken and written English is a requirement. If you are ready to work in a fast-paced, multi-disciplinary and international team, then Terabee is the place to be.

To apply, please send us a quick presentation message via the contact form and we will get back to you.

Internship opportunities

Technical, business development and administration internship applications are also welcome for students looking for a dynamic work environment.
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