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Use anonymous people counting data to improve restroom management

Keeping public restrooms clean and hygienic is key for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient use of resources.

However, often companies don't have cleaning staff assigned to keep restrooms clean when it is most needed.
Washroom management

Time-of-Flight people counting for anonymity and privacy

One effective way to monitor the status of public restrooms and washrooms is to install people counting technology. 

The technology tracks the number of individuals who go in and out of restrooms throughout the day and can provide real-time and historical usage data to facilities managers. After a certain number of people have passed through a restroom, a member of the team can restock supplies, clean fixtures, and make repairs.

People counting technology also helps in monitoring the number of occupants in a public restroom at any given time. Installing occupancy counters in restrooms eliminates the need for businesses to hire an individual to serve as bathroom monitor.

Increase operational efficiency

Using Time-of-Flight people counting technology can help facilities managers of public buildings to reduce waste and improve operational efficiency. This is true for public restrooms and toilets. With accurate data on foot traffic patterns and use of facilities, building managers have informed decision-making for the best allocation of resources based on actual demand. Cleaning services can be allocated according to anonymous usage data, which can be for real-time or historical use.


People Counting Anonymous Privacy Protection

Data privacy and GDPR compliance by design

For facilities such as public restrooms, privacy of images and data relating to both staff and visitors is an absolute requirement, so a Terabee people counting solution that uses Time-of-Flight technology guaranteeing total anonymity, privacy protection and GDPR compliance is ideal. Terabee people counters provide data by calculating depth information of their surroundings. 

There is a low resolution “depth map” where each pixel corresponds to a distance measurement. This results in highly accurate people counting data (typically 95% for People Counting M to 98% and better accuracy for People Counting L-XL) that doesn’t capture any distinguishing features or personal identifiable information (PII).

Read more about Terabee people counting devices’ GDPR compliance here.

Overall, time-of-flight sensors for people counting technology can help building managers optimize public restroom management, improve the timing of cleaning services and help reduce staffing costs by having cleaning programmed for when it is most needed.

Clean restrooms mean happier customers

According to recent research, more than 60% of customers make a conscious choice to visit businesses with better-maintained and cleaner restrooms. (1, 2)

More than half of shoppers reported being very unlikely to visit a business again after having a bad bathroom experience, such as unhygienic or dirty conditions and a lack of supplies.

With the accurate, anonymous data from Terabee people counters, building managers can better plan cleaning services and replenishment of supplies. This will ensure that public restrooms remain clean, well-stocked and more welcoming for users. This can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The People Counting M device from Terabee is suitable for standard doors and narrow corridors, which makes it an ideal solution for the management of restrooms or public toilets.


Restroom Management

Tailor your people counting solution for facilities management according to your requirements. Contact us to speak to an expert about your project’s challenges and requirements. 

We are able to help you scope out your public restroom management people counting needs. 

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