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Use the latest people counting sensor to optimize customer traffic and reduce expenses

People Counting Sensor For Supermarket

Tracking your store’s footfall and occupancy levels are more important today than ever before. Luckily, the latest people counting sensors are now becoming affordable and straightforward to use. Read on to learn how you can turn your store into a smart building, automatically track the flow of shoppers in and out of the shop, improve customer experiences, and reduce your expenses.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small boutique or a huge supermarket, it’s always important to know how many people are visiting your store.

Previously, you might have relied on manual counting, or general observations to get a feel for how many customers are visiting and how you could improve your store layout. But now, shops everywhere are turning to people counting counters and smart sensors to obtain new insights about occupancy and how their customers shop.

In this article, we’re introducing the latest people counting technology, Time-of-Flight sensors, also called ‘ToF sensors’, and discussing how they can help you track people flow, optimize your layout, and reduce your expenses. 

Save money with accurate People Counting sensors

The latest people counting sensors use Time-of-Flight technology to detect people entering and exiting buildings, stores, and even individual aisles.

ToF sensors produce pulses of light. When the light hits an object and returns to the people counting sensor, the sensor uses the time taken for the light to travel to the object and back again to calculate the distance to the object and create a picture of the scene.

ToF sensors provide high frame rates and 3D information. Combined with the people counting computation and data algorithms, ToF people counter sensors can exclude stationary objects and trollies, count multiple people at once and distinguish between people walking close together, resulting in an accuracy of 98%.

People Counting Sensor Technology

ToF people counter sensors are already used widely in robotics and self-driving vehicles, and now they are available in affordable easy-to-use footfall counting devices. Simply mount them above a doorway or passageway and get ready for next-level insights into how people move in and out of your store.

Create the best customer experience

Nobody wants to be stuck in a crowded shop. Tracking how customers are entering and exiting your store, which days or weeks are visited most often, and how customers peak in particular hours can help you optimize your space while improving your customer’s experience.

People counting sensors automatically count the number of people coming into and out of your building, this data can later be used to calculate the occupancy and people density per square meter at any time. These real-time insights can be integrated into traffic lights or social distancing solutions that tell customers when they can enter the store and remind them to keep their distance from other shoppers.

Protect privacy

Counting or tracking customer movement can lead to privacy concerns. After all, no one wants to feel like they are always being watched. But unlike CCTV cameras or Wi-Fi tracking, ToF people counting sensors count people without any identifying information. As a result, most ToF sensors are GDPR compliant by design and protect the privacy of customers and staff.

People Counter Sensor And Data

Benefit from Terabee’s ToF expertise

Terabee is the leader in ToF sensors and software for people counting applications. Their proprietary ToF people counting sensor, the ‘People Counting L-XL’ is compact, cost-effective, simple to install, and easy to use.

Through years of research, testing, and fine-tuning in real-life scenarios, Terabee’s people counting software provides 98% counting accuracy. Gain real-time insights into how customers are moving through your store. The data can also be integrated with other smart systems, including HVAC, and lighting.

If you want to turn your building into a smart building and get real-time insights into how people use your store, Terabee can help! 

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