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How can people counting technology be used to make universities even smarter?

People counting solutions, from Terabee, have the potential to make university campuses more energy efficient, with improved facilities management for auditoriums and lecture halls, optimized planning for services such as cafeterias, libraries, information desks, and washrooms — all based on accurate, totally anonymous data from people counting or footfall counting devices.
People Counting In Universities And Higher Education

Through the use of Time-of-Flight technology, which means no camera is ever used, personal information is fully protected and all data is fully GDPR compliant.

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Smart Buildings approach

While people counting solutions have primarily been used in smart buildings to reduce costs and improve sustainability through optimised heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems and lighting in response to room or building occupancy, this technology is also ideally suited to universities.

The non-camera based, anonymous data from Terabee people counting solutions give insights into people traffic, such as how students and staff move around university buildings and facilities. Are some lecture halls too full? What spaces are under-utilized at present and could be maximized?

This technology helps university administration teams to quickly understand how to reshape spaces in a continuously changing environment. It provides them with objective data for informed decision making, building automation and user experience improvements.

How does occupancy monitoring help universities to manage facilities and services?

Occupancy monitoring measures how many people occupy a given space at a given time. With people counting or footfall sensors positioned at entrances and exits, the sensors monitor the flow of people traffic in and out of a designated area. 

The recorded running total gives historic as well as real-time occupancy data. This is a rich source of information that can be put to immediate practical use for informed decision-making across university campuses.

Guaranteed privacy protection and GDPR compliance

Privacy of images and data relating to both staff, students and visitors is an absolute requirement, so people counting solutions that use Time-of-Flight technology guarantee privacy protection and GDPR compliance. The device emits a pulse of near infrared light and measures the time it takes for the pulse to reflect off the environment and back to the sensor. 

Terabee people counters calculate depth information about their surroundings, with a low resolution “depth map” where each pixel corresponds to a distance measurement produced. This provides highly accurate people counting data (typically 95% for People Counting M to 98% accuracy for People Counting L-XL) that does not capture any distinguishing features or personal identifiable information (PII). Read more about people counting devices GDPR compliance

People Counting In Universities Or Higher Education
Non Camera Time Of Flight Anonymous People Counting

How does ToF technology enable anonymous people counting data?

As individuals walk through the sensor’s range, they reflect the emitted signal, and the sensor measures the time it takes for the signal to return. Based on the number of signals detected, the system can accurately count the number of people in the area.

As Time-of-Flight sensors only detect the presence of objects and do not capture images or audio, they do not collect any personal data. In fact, the Time-of-Flight sensors from Terabee don’t contain a camera or camera technology, so they do not recognize faces or track individuals’ movements. The signals that it uses are fully anonymous and cannot be linked to a specific individual. Therefore, ToF technology enables people counting without infringing on privacy rights or violating data protection regulations.

Benefits of LoRaWAN

Efficient sensors and no need for external data processing, means that Terabee people counters provide accurate room and building occupancy data at a fraction of the cost of other systems. The People Counting L-XL LoRa device utilises LoRaWAN, which eliminates the need to install PoE cables or connect to the main IT system. This makes it an ideal solution for the historic buildings found in some universities. The LoRa-enabled solution avoids the need to retrofit Ethernet cabling, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

With its ability to aggregate data taken from up to five separate sensors, the Terabee People Counter L-XL device offers an easy-to-install and configure, highly accurate doorway counter for monitoring large doors, entrances and indoor gates, such as university auditoriums and large lecture theatres. On the other hand, the People Counting M device is suitable for standard doors and narrow corridors, such as in meeting rooms and washrooms.

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Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL

GDPR compliant people counting device. Optimize value and reduce costs from your retail operation, smart building or office space
Using advanced Time-of-Flight technology, Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL is GDPR compliant and provides accurate people counting data (98% accuracy or more) by monitoring the number of people entering and exiting doorways or corridors.

Easy to configure and install on high ceilings, the Terabee People Flow Counting L-XL fits any kind of wide indoor entrance, up to 15 meters in a multi-device setup. Our people counting algorithm is capable of filtering out static objects and counting multiple people passing in both directions below the device as they enter or leave a space.

The solution consists of an IoT people counting device and an optional IoT platform. Two product variations allow transmission of the data via Power over Ethernet or LoRaWAN. Interested? Contact us.

Terabee People Flow Counting M 2.0

Get real-time people counting data for single doorways and narrow corridors
Real-time data is the backbone of our modern, fast-paced world especially when it comes to monitoring space usage, occupancy, energy efficiency, security, building performance or tailored services. The Terabee People Flow Counting M 2.0 device is GDPR compliant by design, with a real-time data capability, providing seamless, accurate, and highly effective footfall measurement, at a competitive price.

Using Time-of-Flight technology, the People Flow Counting M 2.0 solution guarantees anonymity in its operations, prioritizing data privacy protection while offering robust, reliable occupancy monitoring.

People Flow Counting M 2.0 is the perfect addition to your Building Management System. The “smaller sibling” of People Flow Counting L-XL, People Flow Counting M 2.0 is designed for smaller doorways and narrow corridors. It comes in both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and LoRa models to best suit your needs.
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