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Unlocking office space efficiency: Z#BRE partners with Terabee

Discover how Z#BRE helps to revolutionize office building management in the new world of work. As remote and hybrid work practices reshape the workplace, learn how their innovative approach, powered by Terabee technology, provides data-driven insights for optimal resource allocation while prioritizing privacy.
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The problem

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Z#BRE, a French company which offers smart office solutions, had already observed a shift in working behaviour and the use of offices and workspaces. 

This was amplified by the health crisis. Official French government obligations to reduce final energy consumption in tertiary-use buildings, the energy crisis, the growth of work from home, remote working and hybrid work patterns, and the quality of life at work, are all facets of today’s employment environment that have emerged with the covid years.

There has been a flow-on effect to commercial real estate and office buildings in particular. “The square metre that costs the most and consumes the most is the one that’s unused,” explains Nicolas Vauguier, Head of Channel & Marketing at Z#BRE.

With falling office occupancy rates, the covid lockdowns accelerated the trend of unused office space, altering certain economic and ecological balances, for example electricity, heating and lighting. Understanding and optimising office property management without usage data is like sailing a boat without a rudder. Therefore Z#BRE stakeholders needed to have accurate office building usage data that also respects personal privacy considerations, to better manage their resources.

The solution

According to Z#BRE, office real estate is one of the few sectors that hasn’t yet been fully digitalized yet. Until now, building management has been a world apart, with little connection to user needs. 

“The opportunities are all the more numerous as the quality of data processing advances rapidly. Tomorrow, we’ll be retrieving data in the same way as we retrieve electricity from a socket,” says Nicolas Vauguier.

In response to the smart office challenges faced by their different stakeholders, Z#BRE has created the “Space Performance” solution with three interdependent pillars: economic, energy and organisational.

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The working environment is now a real issue for companies. Collecting such data represents an opportunity to make informed decisions for the most effective use of real estate while also enhancing employee well-being.

The Z#BRE platform has been designed to collect usage data in office buildings and workspaces, ensuring data integrity. This data can be customised and provided to stakeholders such as HR departments for flexible and hybrid work planning; to executive management for capacity planning; and to real estate professionals for the overall management of their buildings strategy.

“To gather data for this solution, Z#BRE has partnered with Terabee as their technology enables us to collect a variety of data in different types of spaces, from floor entrances to meeting rooms, tailoring our solutions to the specific needs of our partners and customers,” says Nicolas Vauguier.

“Terabee’s value for money solution offers a GDPR-compliant privacy-friendly solution thanks to innovative technology. As well it is easy to set up with intuitive configuration.”

Says Max Ruffo, CEO of Terabee, “We are delighted to partner with Z#BRE to help drive optimized usage and enhanced user experience in office buildings and workspaces. Terabee people counters provide accurate data while fully respecting personal privacy and GDPR regulations.”

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Impressions of the Terabee technology

Nicolas Vauguier adds, “When working with large companies, data confidentiality is crucial, especially when it comes to GDPR compliance. Terabee’s Time-of-Flight technology is well received in the market because of its design, addressing employee privacy concerns,” 

Terabee also gave us highly responsive sales and technical teams, and equipment availability that meets project requirements. Z#BRE looks at continuing the promising partnership forged with Terabee.

“The Terabee range of solutions fits in perfectly with the diversity of services and technologies needed to make good use of spaces,” continues Nicolas Vauguier.

About Z#BRE

Z#BRE deploys turnkey IoT solutions for buildings and workspaces, the service-based platform collects and ensures the integrity of usage data in building and workspace, as well as formating customised dataset to each stakeholder or business softwares (service providers, real estate & workplace managers etc.) In this way, the IoT platform monitors the flow, resources usage and services provided within the company. 

These solutions facilitate the understanding of trends and opportunities for improvement, for optimum use of the building, work environment and services (flex office management, soft facility management, air quality, etc.).

The platform is agnostic and uniquely designed to manage, monitor, optimise a wide range of hardware and software at scale.

Z#bre And Terabee

Contact us to speak to an expert about your people counting challenges and requirements. Get in touch today! If you would like to learn how to deploy people counting solutions in your facility, contact a member of the Terabee team.

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