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Speed up new product and application developments

Our processes are lean and our team experienced. We employ robust proof of concept and project management methodologies without stifling the creativity and agility that our clients value. We’ve worked with industry-leaders and some of the world’s largest brands, including:

Build your application with us

Terabee is the partner of choice for cost-effective solutions to complex problems. Here are a few examples of applications that can be enhanced with our sensing technologies:

Mobile Robotics

Sensor fusion

Indoor positioning systems

Indoor navigation systems

Anti-collision systems

Simultaneous localization and mapping

IoT & Smart City

Presence detection

People and object counting

Movement and gesture recognition

Volume, sizing and object recognition

Elderly care and fall detection

industry 4.0

Industrial process automation

Monitoring and control systems

Incident detection systems

Stock management

Accelerate sensor integration and implementation

We have a dedicated applications team to help you. Benefit from our electronics, software and mechanical engineers’ expertize. We’ll find solutions to your needs and speed the integration of sensing technologies into your products, applications and OEM solutions.
We are experts in
  • Infrared LED Time-of-Flight
  • LiDAR technology
  • Infrared thermal cameras
  • Radio-Frequency positioning systems
  • Control system development
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Attractive bulk purchase deals

Product prices on our online store are for sample units and low volumes. If you need more than 100 sensor units, contact our sales team for volume discounts.