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People Counting

Transform the movement of people into valuable and actionable data for occupancy monitoring, smart building management and social distancing management. Our 3D Time-of-Flight technology is GDPR-compliant by design and works in all lighting conditions, even complete darkness. It offers accurate people counting at an incomparable performance to price ratio.
  • Occupancy and density management
  • Work zone and restricted area control
  • Heat, ventilation and air conditioning optimization
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Level Monitoring

Benefit from continuous fill level measurements of solid, powder and liquid materials using Terabee’s optical Time-of-Flight technology. Enable real-time, accurate and remote level data monitoring - directly from your silos, tanks, vats and more!
  • Animal feed and grain level monitoring for agriculture
  • Milk and dairy produce level measurements
  • Water and rain-water levels in water treatment networks
  • Smart waste management and recycling
  • Fuel tank and pellet monitoring for energy distributors
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Industrial Automation

Rugged, industrial-grade sensors for movement detection, distance measurement, threshold-based switching outputs, temperature monitoring and more...
  • Intelligent, long-range distance sensors
  • Machine vision 3D camera technology
  • Low-cost thermal imaging sensors for heat-based process monitoring and protection of hazardous materials
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Mobile Robotics 1

Mobile robotics

Build safe and secure robots for industrial and logistics applications. From sensors to control systems and integration, our sensors and expertise will accelerate your projects.
  • Indoor navigation and collision avoidance
  • Positioning systems for GPS-denied environments
  • Follow-me system for AGVs and mobile platforms
  • Cobotics and man-machine interfaces
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Sensor Modules for integration

Terabee develops and manufactures a wide range of sensor modules, including 2D infrared LED Time-of-Flight distance sensors, 3D Time-of-Flight depth cameras, and thermal cameras. Our products are easy to use, compact, lightweight and offer great performance right out of the box!
Sensor Modules
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