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People Counting

Transform the movement of people into valuable and actionable data for occupancy monitoring and smart building management. Our technology is GDPR-compliant by design and works in all lighting conditions, even complete darkness. It offers accurate people counting at an incomparable performance to price ratio.
  • Occupancy management and space optimization
  • Facility maintenance and visitor flow monitoring
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning optimization
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Discrete Overhead People Counters
air quality

Air Quality

Use Terabee's accurate, simple and cost-effective indoor air quality sensor to measure CO2, PM 1, 2.5, 4, 10, TVOC, temperature, and relative humidity metrics. Collect data on the air quality to provide the best possible environment for employees or building users and make the most of energy efficiencies.
  • Improve well-being and work efficiency in offices
  • Maintain air quality and comfort in public facilities
  • Optimize the energy performance of your building
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Industrial Automation

Rugged, industrial-grade sensors for movement detection, distance measurement, threshold-based switching outputs, temperature monitoring and more...
  • Intelligent, long-range distance sensors
  • Machine vision 3D camera technology
  • Low-cost thermal imaging sensors for heat-based process monitoring and protection of hazardous materials
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Terabee Industrial Automation1

Sensor Modules for integration

Terabee develops and manufactures a wide range of sensor modules, including 2D infrared LED Time-of-Flight distance sensors, 3D Time-of-Flight depth cameras, and thermal cameras. Our products are easy to use, compact, lightweight and offer great performance right out of the box!
Sensor Modules
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