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Terabee announces new People Counting technology for wide doorways

Terabee People Counting L-XL for wide doorways

Delivering real-time, privacy-protected data for very wide entrances and passageways

French sensor solutions technology company, Terabee, has announced the latest addition to its people counting range, People Counting L-XL. The new Terabee offering enables passageway coverage up to 9 meters wide, with five devices at 3.2 meters high, in a multi-device capability for very wide entrances and passageways. 

With this multi-device function, the technology almost has no limit for indoor people counting applications, in the 2.4 m to 3.2 m height range. Terabee People Counting L-XL also works in low light conditions as it doesn’t need ambient light to work at its best.


Personal privacy paramount

The Terabee People Counting L-XL has no camera so no personal information can be recorded from people passing beneath the device. It is GDPR compliant by design. What’s more, users can now download the counting data directly from the device, and they can authenticate the device on almost any platform, using HTTP or MQTT protocols.

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Extremely accurate, real-time data

“With an accuracy of 98% or more, the People Counting L-XL device uses special Time-of-Flight technology, designed by Terabee engineers, with infrared sensors providing 3D information on pedestrian traffic flow in indoor settings,” said Max Ruffo, CEO and Founder, Terabee. 

“Whether you are managing Smart Building infrastructure, looking to maximize your retail customers’ experience or monitor occupancy levels at a public event or venue, our new people counting technology enables you to gather extremely accurate data from wide doorways and passages, in real-time, with full privacy protection.

“Terabee works with System Integrators and IoT solution providers in the Smart Building sector enabling them to offer new services and solutions to their existing end clients, whilst unlocking the possibility to scale up data analysis and offer metrics based on counting data,” said Ruffo.

Key features of Terabee People Counting L-XL

  • GDPR compliant by design
  • Features 3D depth sensor
  • Multi-device support for wide door counting
  • Easy to install and configure via Web GUI
  • Works in low-light conditions
  • Two status LEDs for easy troubleshooting
  • Power supply and data via Power over Ethernet interface
  • Powerful people counting algorithm with 98% accuracy
Terabee People Counting L-XL Device

People counting applications across a variety of sectors

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Optimize building spaces and enhance customer experience

Using the Terabee People Counting L-XL to aggregate occupancy statistics and monitor footfall gives you accurate data on busy and unoccupied space, occupancy peaks and people flow in specific rooms, offices or facilities.


Manage real estate expenditure

Monitoring people flow and occupancy in a specific building with the Terabee People Counting L-XL will provide clear insight into when people arrive and leave, thus enabling better management of HVAC and lighting, tailored to real time data and people density.

When spaces are not being used, there is no need to recycle, refresh or heat the air, or have the lights on, which also means energy efficiency gains.

Understand people traffic 

With its 98% and more accuracy, Terabee People Counting L-XL provides the number of entries and exits throughout the day or selected time period.

For public buildings to abide by the recommended occupancy levels, these numbers can be extracted so that security staff have a reliable occupancy metric.

The system can also be linked to digital signage to indicate when a building or room’s people density is low enough to accept more people without compromising social distancing regulations.

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