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Smart Buildings focus: Terabee in the media

Smart Buildings Magazine, based in the UK, has recently featured Terabee in two articles. Read more for the details...
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“Wide range of counting”, the first article, showcases Terabee People Counting L-XL, the new Terabee device that enables passageway coverage up to 9 metres wide. 

Here is an excerpt: “Terabee has announced the latest addition to its people counting range, People Counting L-XL. The new Terabee offering enables passageway coverage up to 9 metres wide, with five devices at 3.2 meters high, in a multi-device capability for very wide entrances and passageways.”

The second Smart Buildings Magazine article, “Q&A – Max Ruffo, founder and CEO of Terabee”, both profiles Max Ruffo, CEO & Founder, Terabee, as well as highlighting the company’s Smart Buildings offerings.

Here is an excerpt: “Max Ruffo is the founder and CEO of Terabee. Prior to Terabee, Max was a pioneer of the 3D printing industry and headed a Boeing R&D centre department for advanced manufacturing. With a PhD in innovation and new technology introduction, Max is always at the forefront of disruptive new technologies and high-growth businesses.

How did you become involved in the Smart Buildings industry?
Our primary expertise is in Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor technology, also called Lidar. With this, we build intelligent 3D sensors that capture people’s presence and their movements. After exploring the smart building sector we saw an opportunity to enter the people counting market with innovative people counting solutions at disruptive prices.”

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