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Terabee introduces new Smart Building device for real-time footfall counting data for standard doors

Affordable, privacy-protected People Counting sensor designed for mass deployment
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September 09 2021, Saint Genis-Pouilly, France French sensor solutions technology company, Terabee has launched a new Smart Building sensor solution, People Counting M, designed for doors up to 80 cm wide and narrow corridors. It can be used on all standard doorways – its low price-point making mass deployment commercially viable, differently from most existing solutions on the market.

With its 95% counting accuracy, the People Counting M uses 3D depth-sensing to provide footfall data and occupancy insights in real-time, enabling wider take-up of smart building technology.

“Now systems integrators and end users can monitor every standard door in a building to get accurate footfall insights at every corner, which is a game changer in real-time occupancy and footfall data. Smart buildings have just become smarter,” says Max Ruffo, CEO & Founder, Terabee.

People Counting M can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi, depending on installation constraints and connectivity in the building. Wireless connectivity has been in hot demand, making installation times faster and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Once connected, the Terabee People Counting M device can push data directly to any cloud platform via HTTP(S) or MTTQ(S), or communicate with the Terabee Internet of Things platform. Removing the necessity to pull Ethernet cables further simplifies product use for those who can rely on WiFi for data transmission. 

“The flexibility to easily install and connect Terabee People Counting M via Ethernet or WiFi answers the main connectivity needs of our integrators,” continues Max Ruffo. People Counting M is the smaller sibling of Terabee People Counting L-XL, the device for wide doorways and passageways, which can also be used in parallel to cover super wide entrances.

People Counting M applications across sectors

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Resource allocation based on real use

Facility owners and managers can better understand use of space, so staffing can be optimized, cleaning and maintenance can be scheduled based on footfall data and real use.

Footfall insights for better use of facilities

People Counting M provides footfall data in all building locations, to build a deeper understanding of how spaces are really being used. It counts people passing through standard doors, to give a clear picture of footfall traffic. End users can have detailed insights about how buildings are being used, in all spaces, not just the main areas. 

Smart building resource

Smart building decisions, including programming of heating, cooling and lighting can be made based on precise knowledge of how space in a building is being used, to better allocate resources and manage needs.

Washroom management

Washroom footfall monitoring is no longer too costly to implement, as it was using a more expensive, wider field of view device. As washroom doors are typically in standard dimensions, easily covered by the Terabee People Counting M devices, real-time data makes it possible to better manage cleaning requirements. Current solutions to monitor bathrooms are based on inexpensive light variation sensors, which are low cost but also incredibly unreliable. People Counting M is the best price to performance ratio on the market.

World-class technology

The Time-of-Flight technology used in the People Counting M device is unique, developed by Terabee’s world-class team. One major advantage is that this technology is GDPR-compliant by design, as no camera is used, but is almost as accurate as the most expensive vision systems. An infrared depth sensor provides the 3D information without collecting any personal information about the people who pass below the device.

Washroom management

Key features of Terabee People Counting M

People counting M

  • GDPR-compliant by design
  • Uses 3D depth sensing (no camera inside)
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity
  • 5V or PoE supply
  • Easy-to-install and configure through a Web GUI
  • Easy-to-read status LEDs
  • Real-time and on-board computed data
  • Remote device management and software updates
  • Direct data integration to Cloud and servers via HTTP or MQTT

See the Terabee People Counting M product page and specification sheet.

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