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Terabee present at the IBS Smart Buildings show, in Paris

The show was held on November 8 and 9, 2022, in Paris, Porte de Versailles, Pavillon 5.1.
Terabee demo at IBS 2022
Terabee At Ibs Smart Building Show Paris 2

All about Smart Buildings

To get closer to its customers and hear directly from them, the Terabee team presented its solutions for people counting and Smart Buildings, for the first time, at IBS Intelligent Building Systems

IBS is the French trade show for the performance of commercial, industrial and public buildings. It was held on November 8 and 9, 2022, in Paris, Porte de Versailles, Pavillon 5.1.

Terabee offered live demonstrations of its People Counting L-XL LoRa people counter, and it  also showcased the People Counting M people counter and an Indoor Air Quality sensor.

It was a great opportunity to meet with customers and to make new contacts.

From left to right: Clément Peltrault and Céline Detraz from Terabee, Laurent Abadie from FIPOI (Fondation des Immeubles pour les Organisations Internationales), Geneva.

See the customer story on how FIPOI are using Terabee people counting technology for energy savings here.


Energy efficiency and IoT in the spotlight

The 2022 IBS event welcomed more than 7,000 attendees. Its focus was on digital solutions to help to achieve carbon neutrality while offering comfort, cybersecurity and Smart Buildings services to occupants.

The IBS show saw a large drive towards energy efficiency and energy cost savings. As part of that trend, it was seen at the IBS show that LoRa-enabled technology is gaining importance as possibly the leading protocol for IoT devices in the Smart Buildings sector. This market consists of many niche service providers using devices to build intelligence for building owners and operators.

Terabee’s range of people counting systems, shown during the IBS event, is based on Terabee 3D Time-of-Flight technology, and counts people entering and exiting a building, room or space with a counting accuracy of over 95%. With the Terabee People Counting L-XL device, power comes from either LoRaWAN or PoE, depending on the sensor model. 

As they do not use camera technology, Terabee’s solutions for Smart Buildings and people counting are 100% GDPR compliant. They do not record any personal identifiable information (PII). See more about GDPR compliance of Terabee people counting solutions here.

Terabee’s team at IBS Intelligent Building Show 2022, (from left to right) Tania Tayar, Clément Peltrault, Baptiste Potier, Philippe Tatinclaux and Max Ruffo.

Terabee At Ibs Smart Building Show Paris

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