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Terabee marks 10 years since founding

November 2022 marks 10 years since Terabee came into existence. Find out more
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Message from Max Ruffo, CEO, Terabee

From pro-level skydiving, mountaineering and extreme off-piste skiing, adventure has always fascinated me. Ten years ago I established Terabee; another kind of adventure, but one just as fascinating and thrilling. At the time, I defined it as “the highest mountain I ever climbed, it keeps evolving and never ends”.

Incredibly few startups reach the five year mark, let alone a decade of existence. I am immensely proud of what Terabee has achieved, riding out a global pandemic, the ensuing supply chain disruptions and difficult trading conditions in many markets. Amongst all that, 2022 has been our most successful year, doubling turnover for the third consecutive year.

Terabee Marks 10 Years

To get this far we’ve had to apply all the same tactics applied to other sport adventures. Setting goals, meticulous planning, some leaps of faith and the willingness to adapt and adjust when things are not going to plan.

From the fledgling drone industry, to mobile robotics and factory automation, to today’s specialization in people counting and air quality solutions for Smart Buildings, a persistent attribute has run through the veins of Terabee. 

We have consistently and relentlessly applied sensors and sensing technology to solve business problems and deliver new, innovative, business value.

Deep in our DNA, that’s something that won’t change as we grow the business and expand our offer.

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The origin of the word 'Terabee'

Over the years I’ve often been asked “What is the origin of the word ‘Terabee’?” Tera signifies large volumes of data, and bees are known to be smart and hard working team players, all focused on the same goal. 

The result is Terabee, a company working smart and hard to enable data generation in a world aimed at digital transformation. I am truly happy to have created Terabee, which today delivers high value for its customers and partners, by efficiently capturing data and processing it in smart ways.

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Heartfelt thanks to shareholders, customers, partners and staff

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Terabee over the last 10 years. We couldn’t be here without you.

As winter approaches, I’m looking forward to another season of skiing. But I’m looking forward even more to the continued adventures of Terabee. 

With best wishes,
Max Ruffo,
CEO, Terabee


(Image: Terabee founders Claudio Parrinello, Max Ruffo and Bjarne Hadland together at Terabee headquarters, Saint-Genis-Pouilly, France)

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