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Terabee People Counting device joins Daizy Internet of Things platform

Terabee People Counting M has been integrated in Daizy, a UK-based Internet of Things platform.
Terabee People Counting joins Daizy

Daizy is a UK cloud platform for managing IoT projects, devices, connectivity, and data lifecycles. Daizy solves the common challenges of IoT deployment projects, enabling System Integrators to prototype quickly at low cost and deliver scaled rollouts to their customers through a single environment.

“We are delighted that the Terabee People Counting M device is available through the Daizy IoT platform, allowing us to improve our reach into the IoT world,” said Greg Watts, Head of Marketing & Technical Sales, Terabee.

People Counting joins Daizy

Daizy is excited to welcome Terabee to the Daizy Aware program, making Terabee devices available for users of the Daizy IoT platform,” said Nick Gyles, Chief Product Officer, Daizy. 

The addition of the Terabee People Counting M device further expands the choice of people counting sensors compatible with our platform, and we look forward to adding further Terabee devices in the future.”

“Systems Integrators have the opportunity to combine the GDPR compliance, 95%+ counting accuracy and affordability of People Counting M, with the Internet of Things platform capabilities offered by Daizy, to drive informed decision-making based on real data,” continued Greg Watts.

Terabee People Counting M on the Daizy network

The integration of Terabee People Counting devices into this UK open IoT platform means that any Daizy client has the option to select Terabee devices from their device catalogue, configure the device within a project, connect the device to a network, consume the data alongside all other data sets, and manage the in-life performance of the device.

Terabee People Counting M key features

Terabee People Counting M is a game-changer. Highly affordable, it makes people counting viable for applications where higher cost devices make it prohibitive. Compact and small, Terabee People Counting M uses advanced 3D Time-of-Flight depth technology, with 95%+ counting accuracy, to generate reliable people counting data.

  • GDPR-compliant by design
  • Uses 3D depth sensing (no camera used)
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity
  • Easy-to-install and configure through a Web GUI
  • Easy-to-read status LEDs
  • Remove device management and firmware updates via Device Management Services
  • Direct data integration to Cloud and servers via HTTP or MQTT
People Counting M joins Daizy

Want to know more?

Contact Terabee if you’re an integrator or a solution provider looking for a new, easy-to-install competitive people counting device for your clients.

People Counting joins Daizy

Contact Daizy if you’re looking for an open platform to quickly build, deploy and scale Internet of Things applications and stay in control of your data.

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