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Terabee’s People Counting Solution for Gambling Hall in Italy

Understanding footfall and human flow through a building has many useful applications. For Italian gambling hall group, Contek, these include understanding customer behaviour for business optimisation and marketing and promotion purposes, as well as planning staffing and security. Contek wanted to trial a casino people counting solution in its brand new gambling hall, the Sala XO’ Play in Saluzzo Piemonte.
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Andrea Armando, Contek’s CEO, was conducting research into options for people counting solutions for his casinos. At the same time, Terabee was looking for pilot projects to test its people counting solution based on the Terabee 3D cam 80x60, which was yet to be officially launched onto the market. Contek agreed to trial a pilot people counting project with Terabee at the Sala XO’ Play.

Introducing the technology

Terabee’s 3D cam 80x60 is a Time of Flight (ToF) camera that consists of a lens, an integrated light source, a sensor and a computer interface. Working together with Terabee’s people counting software, the technology can accurately track and count people entering or leaving a room. The data captured by Terabee’s people counting software is made available on a dashboard, and can be analysed in real time or retrospectively.

The camera is compact and discrete and can work accurately in low light and even dark environments. With 80x60 pixel resolution it is an ideal solution for monitoring larger doorways and passageways. And because it detects movement, and does not capture images, it preserves privacy and is therefore GDPR compliant.
People Counting Device For Casino

The Sala XO’ Play Solution

The design of the system and solution for Contek’s new gambling hall involved studying the buildings plans and dimensions to understand where to install cameras. The Sala XO’ Play consists of four rooms over one level. Terabee’s engineers simulated the environment in the lab to test the optimal positions for the cameras.

In total, five cameras were installed within the gambling hall’s doorways and passageways. Our team was able to install the sensor modules into the premises’s false ceilings in order to seamlessly integrate the devices without showing any cabling. The next challenge was to ensure a stable WiFi connection. The people counting solution for casinos could then be tested and fine-tuned remotely, with additional remote support and software updates provided during the three month trial.


During the pilot project Contek used its people counting solution to monitor and measure people flow into and within the building, across different time periods – hours, days, weeks and months. With accurate data, seamless integration and a user-friendly dashboard, Contek retained the people count solution following the trial and is now introducing Terabee’s people counting technology for casinos across its five other sites in Italy.

Terabee’s people counting technology delivered:

- People counting devices with a slimline and discreet appearance
- Accurate people counting measurements
- Strong performance in low light environments
- GDPR compliant data
- Real time and retrospective data
- Remote device management and support

“Terabee’s people counting technology provides better accuracy than any competitor products that I’d researched, and at a better price. The sensors can detect two or more people coming into a room side-by-side and the devices are incredibly discreet. In the next three to six months all our gambling halls will be equipped with Terabee people counting solution, which we will then integrate with our other systems.”

Andrea Armando, CEO Contek
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How will you use people counting technology?

The applications for people counting solutions are numerous. Data on how many people are in a building can help tune heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as manage lighting. It can also be applied in retail environments to measure footfall and flow, to optimise store layouts, and in businesses to maximise use of space.

Terabee announced the pioneering Terabee People Counting L-XL, a completely unique product designed to satisfy the needs of users across a broad spectrum of industries. Based on a tried-and-tested 3D depth sensor using infrared ToF technology, People Counting L-XL is a convenient and accurate solution that allows operators to view and retrieve real-time and historical data directly and with ease.

Talk to our experienced engineers about your people counting project, and test our innovative software and solutions on your premises. Get in touch today.

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