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Moving from a manual counter to automatic people counting

Manually tallying the occupants of a room is a relatively effective way of gaining insights into footfall and how people utilise the space. Yet manual tally counters are prone to human error and, as a result, are inherently inaccurate.
Why use a people counting system?

Monitoring occupancy levels in commercial, industrial, and office spaces is increasingly not only important from a health and safety perspective but also for increased energy efficiency and team productivity through the use of appropriate rooms . So a new people counting paradigm is required for areas dealing with high volumes of visitors on a daily basis. Tallying each and every occupant with a manual push of a button rapidly becomes tedious and is largely ineffective.

People counting is a way in which office capacity numbers can be monitored and controlled, allowing for a safe working environment for everyone and new ways to optimize your building.

What are manual people counting devices?

Manual people counting devices are traditionally used to keep a tally of the users of a space. Manual clickers are a piece of mechanical equipment which require users to press buttons to account for people entering an area. Mobile applications can also be used to perform a similar function digitally. 

Both of these people counting methods are subject to reliance on an individual to accurately observe those entering a building. To ensure that the maximum number of occupants is adhered to, it is also important for the people counting to track those leaving the building too which means that the user of the manual people counting device must be able to observe both the entrance and the exit at all times. 

Manual people counting devices also cannot provide accurate, insightful data that can be analyzed and reviewed in order to optimize business operations.

How automatic people counting provides a better solution

Areas such as stores and offices often have high levels of footfall in and out at multiple entrances. This means that it is very difficult for a manual people counting device to maintain accuracy and further difficulties occur when the individual using the tracker needs a break or finishes their working day.

Automated people counting devices do not require employee supervision, meaning that they are a one off cost and a wage does not need to be paid. Automated people counting sensors can also offer a cost-effective means of collecting data regarding the users of a building. For retail shops, this means that staffing levels can be monitored and distributed accordingly. 

The Terabee People Counting L-XL system provides a simple way to configure and install discrete and extremely accurate doorway counters for monitoring entrances, large doors and gates. This people counting device has the ability to aggregate data gained from five individual people counting devices and can be installed up to a height of 3.2 meters with a maximum width of 9.5 meters. 

Terabee’s People Counting devices also use an advanced Time-of-Flight technology which collects non-intrusive depth image data, meaning personal identities will not be used, so it is GDPR compliant by design.

If you would like to find out more about our people counting devices, contact us today for more information.

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